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Sep 1, 2006 03:37 PM

Hand Shaved Noodles (Chinese) in San Diego

When I was on a trip to Seattle, I had a delicious dish made with something called "hand shaved noodles". They were fresh noodles, in these quasi half-moon shapes. The appearance suggested they were carved off a block of dough into boiling water. They were really delicious, with a wonderful texture.

Has anyone seen these on a menu in San Diego? It's now almost a year since I've had them and I'd really like to taste them again.

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  1. Josh - If I remember correctly, Jamillah Garden had them(dao xiao mien) fresh pasta, there's nothing like home made noodles. I didn't think the version was the best I've had, but still they were ok.

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    1. re: KirkK

      Since I've only been to Jamillah Garden once I can't say if they have the half-moon shaped noodles or not, but their noodles are indeed hand-made. One might also note that they specialize in Chinese Halal cuisine, cuisine which follows the Muslim dietary laws.

      1. re: cgfan

        I can confirm that the Jamillah Garden in Irvine does have them. I wasn't aware that they were a chain though.

    2. The Jamillah Garden in Tustin does them better than the one on Convoy, IMHO. But for hand-shaved noodles, they are the only game in town. They're not really a chain in the sense of being a Uyghur Denny's, but the place settings and menus of the two look similar enough that they must have related ownership.