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Sep 1, 2006 03:20 PM

Sneaking out on a wedding at Chateau Bradbury - Need a Sports Bar STAT

might have to miss some parts of a wedding this weekend at chateau bradbury (Duarte) because of my addiction to college football.

please send me recs for sports bars in the area. your help is appreciated.

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  1. You'll have to drive from a few blocks to a couple of miles, but here's some suggestions for you:

    Frank 'n Joe's Southern Smokehouse on Colorado Bl., just east of Myrtle in Monrovia (Chateau Bradbury is on California, drive north to Colorado Bl. - about a quarter mile - and turn left). They have two big screens in the bar and will usually turn it to whatever channel you request. Very friendly staff and clientel also.

    Rudy's Mexican restaurant - about 6 doors to the west of Frank 'n Joe's - has just installed a new bar and multiple plasma TV's with Direct TV. On the corner of Myrtle and Colorado.

    BJ's on Huntington Dr., just west of 5th in Arcadia, has many TV's for sports events spread all around the place.

    Just east of BJ's, the bar area of Claim Jumper will also satisfy witn many plasma TV's available.

    Jaime's Sports Bar on Huntington Dr. just west of Magnolia in Monrovia is also an option.