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Sep 1, 2006 03:04 PM

Need chicken recipe inspiration for tonight

Defrosted two 3.5 lb. fryers for tonight, don't feel like usual roasted chicken. Making traditional Shabbos dinner - challah, homemade chicken soup with noodles, green beans with almonds and fresh peach crisp. Thinking about chicken vesuvio (garlic, rosemary, olive oil, potatoes) or another one pot dish (chicken paprikash with rice?) Any suggestions? TIA Chowhounds!

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  1. You could cook it with apricot preserves and either caramelized onion or dried onion soup mix and a little white wine. It tastes better if you cut up the chicken and brown it before baking it.

    1. The world's easiest chicken recipe: Cut up your chicken. Combine 2 parts strong dijon mustard with 1 part real maple syrup. Add some thyme and black pepper. Coat chicken pieces in the mustard mixture, then roll in bread crumbs. Bake on a cookie sheet so the pieces do not touch at 350 until the chicken is done. I've made this successfully with skinned chicken pieces also. Yum.

      1. I do something very similar with bone-in thighs. Yum! Never thought to add something sweet like maple...I'll try it next time! Now that I think of it you could add apricot preserves or honey with the dijon, too.

        1. Chicken in fresh vegetables

          This simple chicken and fresh vegetable salad serves as a delicious cold, nutritive and low fat summer meal
          Cuisine Shamy
          Main ingredients Chicken, Watercress, Coriander, Cucumber
          Time of preparation 40 Minutes
          Time of cooking 15 Minutes
          Serving 5

          Ingredients 1 Chicken ,whole, boiled
          1 bunch Rocket
          1 Red Pepper ,large size, cut into strips
          4 Green Onions ,diced
          4 Tomatoes ,medium size, cut into bite size cubes
          2 Cucumbers ,medium size, sliced
          1/4 cup Coriander ,fresh, chopped
          1/3 cup Corn Oil
          1/4 cup Vinegar
          Salt and Pepper

          Directions 1. Remove skin and bones from chicken then cut into small pieces and set aside.
          2. Cut watercress leaves into medium size pieces and place in a large salad bowl.
          3. Add red pepper, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, coriander and 3/4 of chicken quantity to bowl and stir to mix well. Season with oil, vinegar and salt and pepper. Add remaining chicken on top.

          1. Coq Au Vin

            A classic dish that is always great!

            8 slices bacon (chopped into 1/2 pieces)
            2 tablespoons olive oil
            2 1/2 - 3 lbs. of chicken (legs and thighs)
            3/4 teaspoon salt (plus additional for seasoning)
            1/4 teaspoon pepper (plus additional for seasoning)
            1 pound bag frozen pearl onions (thawed)
            1 pound mushrooms (cut in half)
            3 large russet potatoes, peeled and cut crosswise into thirds
            3 large carrots, cut into 2 inch pieces
            1/3 cup flour
            4 sprigs fresh thyme
            2 bay leaves
            2 1/2 cups of Burgandy or Chianti wine
            2 cups chicken broth
            1/2 cup fresh Italian parsley (chopped)
            3 tablespoons red wine vinegar

            1. Use a large Dutch oven to cook the bacon in oil until crisp. Remove bacon from pan and set aside.
            2. Season the chicken with salt and paper and brown in the bacon drippings. Remove chicken from pan and set aside.
            3. Add onions, garlic, and mushrooms to pan. Cook until brown.
            4. Stir in the potatoes, carrots, salt, and flour.
            5. Add wine and chicken broth. Stir. Make sure there are no lumps of flour.
            6. Add chicken, thyme, bay leaves, and half of the bacon. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer 40 minutes.
            7. Uncover and simmer until the sauce thickens, which will be about 10 more minutes.
            8. Stir in parsley and wine vinegar.
            9. Taste and add more salt and pepper if necessary.
            10. Top with bacon and serve.

            Makes 4-6 servings.

            From the June Cheers2Wine Newsletter at