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Sep 1, 2006 02:57 PM

Late night, post-game recommendations

Will be attending USC night game vs. Cal and am looking for some late night recs for post-game dinner (hopefully a celebratory one). Haven't been to L.A. in a few years so I don't know what's new; however, my tastes have grown a little from Tommy's and Barney's Beanery that I used to frequent. Thanks in advance.

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  1. A few suggestions:

    Pete's cafe @ 4th and Main -- solid food, good bar, parking lot across the street.
    "626"@ 626 S. Spring -- new wine bar, tapas and great wine selection
    The Pantry@9th & Figueroa -- old standby greasy spoon. open 24 hours.
    Sam Woo's in Chinatown -- follow this thread:

    I'm sure there are many, many more places, but it's early. Others will help as the
    sun gets higher. Good luck.

    1. I think I can help on this one....I just got back from the SC-Arkansas game and moved out here a year ago from 32nd and Fig. and had lived in LA since going to school at SC in 1988...

      Within walking distance, many students will go to Chanos (formerly Manny's) for burritos. It is at 30th and Fig. Across the street is La Taquiza which is better and are famous for mulitas and el pastor. At 29th and Hoover, is the Two Nine Cafe which will be packed with students and is a good spot for a beer and burger with typical california bar fare. That's about it within walking distance.

      Near downtown and environs, I highly recommend Little Tokyo and a place called Sushi Genn and another called Hamakawa. They are both near 2nd and Alameda and serve some of the best authentic sushi in LA. I've also gone to R-23 after a game, but thought it was a little over rated. Other options in and around downtown include The Palm, Mortons, Nic and Stefs (for steaks), Engine Co #28, the Water Grill (maybe one of the best seafood restaurants on the West Coast) and Patina. I also like El Cholo on Western and The Pacific Dining Car for late night meals. Korean BBQ is also a good call. Soot Bull Jeep is good, but I like a place on the North side of Olympic, one half block West of Hoover. I forget the name, (maybe Dae Woo Oak?) I'll post the name later if I find their card.

      If you are in LA for a few days, I would try New Concept in Monterey Park (700 S. Atlantic) for Dim Sum on Sunday. It is ala cart and the best I've ever had (including Hong Kong). Apparently, the "new concept" is clean, hot and well prepared food in a nice dining room with good service.