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Sep 1, 2006 01:32 PM

Leftover pot-roasted lamb. Any suggestions?

I have a few pounds of lamb left over. It was pot-roasted with white wine, rosemary, thyme, garlic, and lemon. It's yummy on its own, but I'd like suggestions for incorporating it into different recipes so we don't just end up eating reheated lamb over and over. Thanks.

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  1. you could do a homemade twist on a gyro type sandwich. put some on a piece of good fresh pita with a good sauce.

    1. My mother's recipe for lamb sandwich spread: Cut lamb into chunks and place in food processor. Add some chopped onion and pulse. Add mayo and mustard and pulse until you get the consistency you like. Delicious!

      1. I use left over roast leg of lamb to create a fabulous salad. Easy. Cut lamb into bite size pieces (or however large you want them), pan sear quickly (use herbs or spices of choice) to give the pieces a bit of crust, but careful not to over cook. Your choice of greens, often I have leftover asparagus, roasted corn, other veggies of choice. Some pine nuts or other nuts toasted and choice of dressing. Yum. Serve with fabulous bread or a soup and it's a lovely meal.

        1. Lamb hash, the leftovers of which could potentially morph into Shepherd's Pie.

          Or maybe an open-faced hot lamb sandwich with gravy and mashed potatoes on the side?

          1. You could chop it up and make some kind of phyllo dough turnover.