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Sep 1, 2006 12:59 PM

Nice Dinnner in Columbia, MO

We are headed to Columbia, MO for the holiday and are looking for a nice meal. Both my husband and I went to school there, but haven't been back in a few years. Are there any great restaurants/dishes we have to try? We were thinking of Trattoria Strata Nova, but haven't been there in many years; is it still a good choice?

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  1. I recommend Sycamore on Broadway. You won't be disappointed.
    Report back if you go. I love their fried oysters.

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      I second Sycamore as my first rec. Just to round out a few others, Trattaria Strada Nova (on n 9th of course, by the Blue Note) used to be top notch, though I haven't been in a couple of years now. Addison's is a notch down, but still good also.

    2. Everytime I'm in COMO for a concert at the Blue Note, Trattaria Strad Nova's menu always looks really appetizing, and the place looks like it'd make for a great relaxed, but truly good meal.

      I haven't, as of yet had the pleasure however.

      I do actually really like their brewery, Flat Branch. There beer is actually quite good, it's a really cool space for the middle of MO, and their food has actually been really nice, freshly made, brew pub style food the times I've eaten there.

      My favorite place in COMO, however, is Ninth Street Deli right across from Trattaria Strada. It's obviously nothing fancy, and just a grungy deli with spotty service, but I enjoy it each and every time.

      1. We had a great time in Columbia....thanks for all the great recs.

        Saturday we had lunch at Booches. There was a big game crowd, but we were offered a seat at a large table with another party. As always burgers were great, washed down with a nice Budweiser.

        Saturday, we went to Sycamore. Both my husband and I frequented Widman's while in college, so it was a little strange being in the same space, since we didn't realize it until we pulled up. The food was great. We got the blue cheese salad and the iceberg wedge, both were great, but we both preferred the blue cheese. Entrees were the bacon wrapped scallop and the sirloin. Both were wonderful. We even saved room for a great crème Brule and two cappuccinos. Forgetting about the price differences in Columbia, we were pleasantly surprised when the bill arrived. Our only issue was that the temperature of some items was off; we wished the bread was warm, the steak a bit warmer and the cappuccinos slightly hotter. Overall, the place was wonderful with very good service. We will definitely return.

        On Sunday night we went to Flat Branch. We had a large party and the service and food were great. (and the beer of course.)

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