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Sep 1, 2006 12:43 PM

Seeking best first lunch in Parma, Reggio, Modena, or Bologna

We'll be in Italy for the first time soon, and after landing at 6am in Milan we'll be driving to Florence during that first day.

We're looking for a 'best' recommendation for our first lunch, which city and which restaurant? Or better yet, one choice in each because we won't know which city we'll be near during lunchtime. Is any one of these cities best for walking around for an hour or two before or after lunch as well?

Unfortunately that's our only meal in the Bologna area during our trip, we'd like it to be memorable (for the food).

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  1. See my post Chowfind in Modena,

    The only possible reason not to go here is that you will be spoiled for the rest of the trip! Modena is also a lovely town to walk around in, with a nice old cathedral. Like most towns and all but the largest cities, most things are closed from about lunch-time till late afternoon so you are pretty much limited to window-shopping (sometimes defeated by metal shutters) and streetscapes after lunch. (There is municipal parking right near Giusti but you will have to hunt hard for the sole ticket-selling machine to get your chit.)

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      totally agreed..go to giust, ask for owner matteo morandi, walk the entire old town, its fab, do all the food shops/salumerias, park near the hotel canalgrande, walk to giusti, and duomo, old town, make reservations at giusti now, they only have 4-5 tables, if you cant get in, theres a very good trattoria right next door to giusti as a back up