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Sep 1, 2006 12:10 PM

Lunch between Montreal and Toronto?

This weekend, we'll be taking our daughter to begin her first year at the U of T, and we'll need to eat en route. Is there anything good and not too expensive for lunch near the 401, say between Cornwall and Kingston? We're driving from Burlington, Vermont. Coming back (on Labor Day), we'll also want to find something to eat...

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  1. I like going to a bakery Pan Chancho Bakery at 44 Princess St. in Kingston. I mostly go there for the bread but there's also a cafe there. There's a ton of places rated at so you can decide based on the reviews there too. good luck.

    1. When we drive to TO we usually stop at Kingston for lunch. Most of the time we purchase sandwiches, salads, drinks and desserts from the Pan Chancho bakery and eat in the park. For eating in we choose Pan Chancho (have only had breakfast in the restaurant though), Chien Noir, Woodenheads(gourmet pizza) or The Curry Village (indian).

      1. i stop at napanee (the flying j)

        they have a very good truckers style rest (with a buffet option if you want)

        and the gaz is always 3 to 7 cents cheaper then anywhere else

          1. Stop in Coburg, Ontario. It is about 50 miles east of Toronto. A resort town on the lake. We were on our way to Plattsburgh for Christmas with a Christmas Eve stop in Watertown at my bros. at the time. I had selected a Swiss Restaurant in Coburg for dinner. unfortunately we got there ons Sunday evening, the place was closed. We found a pub fore dinner and had a wondreful dinner featuring a fabulous seafood cottage pie with escargots to start and the complete meal start to finish was about $10.95 each including dessert. We found the village interesting enough to stick around the next AM to have lunch at the Swiss place. MY DH was ready to go face first into tgeh spatzle with no assistance. Next tim ewe go home sans dogs and though Canada Coburg is a definte stop and maybe for a couple of days.