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HELP ME!!! My husband's birthday..Jar or Ruths Chris?

Here's the deal..we've been to Jar a miillion times and love it, but want steak for his birthday. We will be joined by our beautiful 10 year old daughter, so we are in no need of a hip scene. We want AMAZING food, and a clubby (not club), comfortable setting. We have never tried Ruth's Chris. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. He is not only my husband, he's the love of my life. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I think you can cook a steak better at home. I recently had a taste of the filet at Piccolo in Venice and it was spectacular. laid back beach setting, spectacular italian food. and you can get a steak cooked better than you can do yourself.

    1. Ruth's Chris does a very good (but nowhere near amazing) steak, albeit drenched in butter unless you specify otherwise; however, I greatly prefer the flavor of the steaks at JAR--and the appetizers and sides are much better there, too. My favorite is probably the porterhouse but the Kansas and Ribeye are also delicious. Besides, which would your daughter prefer, the chocolate (or, sometimes, butterscotch!) pudding at JAR or the bread pudding at Ruth's Chris?

      1. i'm a ruth chris fan, but between the two, i'd have to go with suzanne tracht at jar.

        or the greatest b-day gift are steaks ordered from lobel's in nyc. my husband made a great b-day dinner and ordered two beautiful bone-in rib-eyes.

        1. Jar for sure, unless you are going just for the steak. Jar has a great atmosphere and the food is excellent. Ruth Chris is mediocre at best, and it is a chain---which never is top on my list for special occasions.

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            Ruth Chris is Mediocre - meaning you would rather eat at McDonald's? It may not be as good, yet your comments should be safeguarded. I like, yet do not love, RC, especially BH.
            I also like Jar, feel it is a better all-around dining experience including better food and variety of food, and a MUCH better wine list.
            Don't categorize all chains in similar fashion - Houstons is a chain, yet tito's tacos is not, yet comparing the two is not worth anyone's time.

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              This is my opinion as you are entitled to yours. Ruths Chris is simply not my favorite steak house.

          2. why not try out mastro's? also, cut seems to be receiving rave reviews on CH.

            1. if you're going to go mastro's, you might as well try for CUT if you can get a reser.

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                Yeah. If you want clubby atmosphere, the downtown Pacific Dining Car. If you want the best steak, Cut.

              2. For steak? Definitely Ruth's Chris!

                1. Ruth Chris' is a solid steak place and good side orders. I always order mine without butter, otherwise your steak will come swimming in a pool of butter.

                  1. I really like Ruth's Chris very much. I love the cowboy ribeye and I love the butter on it! My wife and I usually split it.

                    I haven't eaten at the other place and can't make an either or choice.

                      1. Jar. Tasty steak and the roast purple potato side was so good I've been buying purple potatoes at the farmers market and roasting them myself at home every week since I went.....without the creme fraiche, though (amazing tart & cool foil to the sweetness of the potato, but not great for cholesterol on a regular basis ;)

                        1. why are you limiting your choices to jar and ruth chris ...i thought he was the love of your life !!!! I like jar, but if you want a clubby feel i suggest maestros or boa ( especially in s. monica ) - i've yet to try cut so not sure about it being "clubby" - with a 10 yr old, the upstairs of maestro's might be too clubby ( depending on time of meal ) or if you really want to go over the top....why not fly to vegas and hit n9ne - about as clubby a steakhouse you'll find anywhere and i think your 10 yr old will love the desserts.