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Help: Where to after Sweet'n Tart?

Hey, this is my first post on Chowhound so please be gentle.

Now that Sweet'n Tarts are done in Manhattan I'm in panic mode. Yes it's not that cheap and yes it's not that consistant. But for years I'd been counting on it for a clean environment, a good cup of tea, some simple and subtle dishes like watercress shrimp dumpling, chicken with chive and mushroom. Where to now? I beg for an answer.

But before you start dispensing your advices, let me tell you what won't do.

- The Flushing one won't do. I'm not a Manhattan snob. The Flushing one is just not as good; The congees were dried up, big chunks of groud meat in dumplings, etc.

- Most other places in Chinatown won't do. NY Noodletown, Fuleen and Kam Chueh are all pretty decent, but they are just too filthy looking. I used to go to Kam Chueh with a friend, we would spend $200 on lobster sashimi and excellent fish. We would get rewarded by getting two trash bags as table cloth rather than one.

- Peking duck house won't do. This place can only make one thing. And even the duck is not as good as it used to be. Maybe the surly Shanghaiese owner finally drove off the good Peking chefs? Talking about driving off the good chefs, what's happening to Joe's Shanghai? First Joe's Ginger showed up serving disgusting soup dumplings under the other's good name. Now it appears that Joe's Shanghai has joined the race to the bottom.

I've been thinking about uptown, midtown as well. After all, my favorite Dim Sum place is Henry's Evergreen in UES, where I can actually get things to eat, rather than fighting with 500 others for the 10 shrimp dumplings. But nothing really came to mind.

I'm not asking for places like Lai Wah Heen in YYZ to blow me away. All I wanted is a little place like a Sam Woo in Irvine, or a Yank Sing in SF. Am I asking too much?

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  1. Perhaps you can elaborate more on what type of food you're looking for? Just dimsum? General Chinese food? Shanghainese only?

    1. I found similarly pleasant/clean dim sum at Dim Sum Go Go in Chinatown. I agree, I miss Sweet n Tart lots.

      1. What happened to Sweet and Tart? Which location closed?

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          Both Manhattan locations are now gone.

        2. Had I known I would have gone there everyday for the various dumplings they offered. This is TERRIBLE!

          1. I always preferred Congee Village to Sweet 'n Tart, but that's not a place for dim sum. You might want to try Oriental Garden; I haven't been there yet for dim sum but have heard very good reports.

            1. If you liked Sweet n' Tart, maybe you should give XO kitchen a try. They both serve relatively trendy HK food. Nothing special but it does cater to the young and Americanized crowd.

              1. Theres also Chinatown Brasserie for dumplings

                1. Roll & Dough is clean on
                  135 W. 3rd St., nr. Sixth Ave. 212-253-2871

                  1. AHHHHHH!!!! Just want to echo wanderlustnyer's despair of Sweet N Tart's closing. Only had ever been there once, where in a fluke I happened to have a fresh custard bun which was likely the most delectable chinese pastry I've ever tasted (when I was there they didn't serve traditional dim sum with cart service, rather you ordered off the menu; but at one point a waitress came from the kitchen offering trays of something, which we decided to try: hence, the "fluke"). Was planning on returning there today...until I discovered this sad news online.

                    1. I especially miss the walnut soup, shrimp+watercress dumplings, duck tongues, and turnip cake from the underground Sweet n Tart. Any suggestions of alternates for these dishes will earn you many useful posts for your queries.

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                        congee village has duck tongues on the menu, although i'm not sure how it compares to the version at sweet'n tart.

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                          Divine. The flesh was so tender and delectable. Really garlicky, but I tend towards that type anyway.

                      2. I should have included this above, but we decided to default to the always reliable Dim Sum Go Go, which turns out now to be relevant to qzqzqzqz's query -- I love their pumpkin cakes. I'd tried them once before, and yesterday my wife suggested the turnip cakes, but I pushed for the pumpkin. Probably should have sampled something new (to me) with the turnip. Will definitely give them a try next time I'm back -- I can see a lot of moderately sweet or savory flavors matching well with the consistency of those cakes.

                        1. Yes, it’s a tragedy. They lost their lease. I’d been going to Sweet ‘n Tart since it was called 20 Mott Street ten years ago, only to show up one day to find them carrying out equipment! I, too, have been looking for a replacement and so far nothing stacks up. I’m thinking of checking out 888 Palace again, where I haven’t been for years. Haven’t really loved Jing Fong or Dim Sum Go-Go, and HSF (who’s Kips Bay location I used to go to as a kid) was disgusting. I am not a fan of LA but they’ve got it all over us in terms of dim sum right now. I think something new is going to have to open it’s doors.

                          1. simplest, easiest place to eat at in chinatown is moon house; clean simple food, very affordable, delicious. try their lion's head, their various buns and soup dumplings, a plate of greens, maybe some of their casseroles. not the snack-style like sweet-n-tart but the plates are small enough that you could do a decent assortment.