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Sep 1, 2006 06:05 AM

SF chowhound visiting San Diego [moved from L.A. board]

We'll be in the San Diego for a long weekend in September - looking for recommendations of fun, upscale restaurants in and around the downtown area.

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  1. Downtown,near the convention center, I really like Chive. You can read my write-up about my dinner there this past Saturday in the this thread:

    1. I would say Chive, Red Pearl Kitchen, Confidential, Cafe Chloe and Stingaree - you might also want to check the responses to this post:

      Cheers and have a great time!!

      1. Don't expect San Francisco (where I was last week) but here is what I would recommend to you in the Downtown area.

        I agree with Red Pearl Kitchen (Pan Asian cuisine) and Cafe Chloe (French Bistro)....I would also recommend Dobson's (near Horton Plaza--think Jack's in SF, if it is still around); Athens Market (very good Greek restaurant); Sadaf (Persian); and Salvatore's (Italian).....5 minutes from downtown in Bankers Hill (near Balboa Park), you can try Modus.