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Sep 1, 2006 06:02 AM

Non-Mutant Bagels

Okay, I've been a bit carb-phobic these last few years and haven't had a bagel in about 6 years. Today, I decided that a few carbs can't kill you and that it would be nice to stop on my way to work for a bagel for breakfast. Stopped at a small kosher bagel place (forgot the name) on Westwood Blvd., between Santa Monica and Wilshire.

Well, not only were the bagels not sufficiently crusty or chewy, but they were the largest bagels I have ever seen in my life - perhaps three times the size of the bagels I remember from my youth. Of course, Americans are so fat, since they seem to have supersized all our food.

Is there anywhere in L.A. (preferably on the Westside) to buy a normal size bagel? (True, one could only eat half and throw away the other half or save it for later, but I just prefer to buy my food non supersized).

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  1. I like Western Bagels the best. There's on on Santa Monica Blvd. between Barrington and's in the same strip mall as Nook.

    1. i love the ny bagel company on san vicente blvd in brentwood, its in the small little strip mall as front runners shoes, i love the rosemary bagel the best, its got so much flavor and they make all the bagels there homemade, they also serve all types of food like a whole deli menu so theres plenty to choose from as to what you want to put on the bagel. new york bagel is my fave!

      1. Maybe too far east for you, but my favorite is Bagel Broker (7825 Beverly Blvd., just east of Fairfax, (323) 931-1258). My favorites are their corn rye, which is extra dense and chewy, yet has a slightly crisp crust, and their sesame bagels, particularly when still warm from the oven. (A warm sesame bagel, with cream cheese, a sliver of lox, summer tomato and a thin slice of red onion, is truly a thing of beauty.)

        1. I've given up on finding a regular-sized bagel with a real crust in Los Angeles, though I've haven't tried everywhere. In fact I've given up outside of NYC. There are bagel places with nice flavorful bagels of a different sort, and they have their satisfactions, but if anyone can particularly point me to an old-fashioned bagel with a real crust, I'd appreciate it. (I'll give bagel broker a try.)

          1. All the suggestions sound good, but my question is are the bagels at the suggested places supersized? (Of course, I guess if you are young enough, you don't remember what a normal size bagel is). I'm definitely against this unfortunate trend of supersizing.

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              Western bagel actually sells a low-carb bagel (I've only seen it in stores) which is the perfect size. For being low-carb, it's not bad...I'd actually say it is quite good.

              1. re: Clare K

                I've tried the blueberry low-carb bagel from Western bagel. (I think they sell a few different flavors of the low-carb kind: blueberry, honey wheat, onion, etc. in packages of 6 at the grocery store). they were better than I'd expected them to be, especially when toasted. and at 110 calories for each bagel (compared to the calorie count of most bagels, which usually exceeds 200), it's worth it in my opinion.