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Sep 1, 2006 05:45 AM


I saw Don Julio and Cazadores at Costco, are they good? Something else I should try? Thanks!

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  1. Don Julio is good, as is Patrón for the easy-to-find ones. As is usually the case, my favorite (Lapis Añejo) is extremely hard to find and expensive.

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      There are several choices when it comes to Don Julio but for sipping purposes, I would select the Anejo or the 1942 Anejo.

    2. My favorite is Herradura. Both the reposado and anejo are great sipping tequilas. Milagro is also good and very smooth.

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        1. Corralejo is dreamy--very smooth and sweet-spicy. I don't see it around very often, unfortunately.

          1. Between Casadores and Patron, go with Patron.

            But if you're willing to splurge, CASA NOBLE. It smells like buttercream frosting (no joke!) and goes down smooth like the best brandy. I could sit with a glass and just enjoy the smell. It shocks everyone who says "Ick, how can you sip tequila?"

            I've tried Herradura, Corralejo, El Tesoro, Patron, and any number of the cheaper brands, and Casa Noble is the runaway winner. Lapis is good as well.

            Casa Noble loos like this, in a handblown bottle: http://randalls.stores.yahoo.net/rws2...

            Lapis is in a triangular bottle: http://randalls.stores.yahoo.net/mh46...

            A little more rare than the others, but I've been able to find them at Bevmo from time to time, and at smaller liquor stores that sell a lot of tequila.