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Sep 1, 2006 04:44 AM

Taiyaki - Fish waffles with red bean or custard

Anyone know where I can get this?

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  1. 99 Ranch used to make these fresh (outside) with red bean paste but, haven't seen them in awhile. Have you tried in their "cookie" section. They may also have them frozen and you can put in the oven. Or Mitzuwa market?? It's a Japanese treat so, check places that sell Japanese products. :) KQ

    1. Fish waffles! Wonderful memories of a cart outside Kanda station, Tokyo. The authentic carts were even hard for me to find in Tokyo, but then some of the chain crepe places (very popular with Japanese teens) sell mini-fish waffles, in many novel varieties but the Thriller, the Absolute Killer is Fish Waffles filled with sweet potato! Once you get that, you don't want to settle for the red bean paste again.
      I'll drive to southside of Gardena for a sweet potato fish waffle!

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        Gardena where? I went to Marukai, but had no luck.

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          i think they only serve on saturday. make sure you call first before you go. i think the bakery listed below runs it. again, i haven't been in a year.

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            There's at least three Marukais in Gardena.

            The one with the Beard Papa also has a vendor in the food court area that makes taiyaki. It's a permanent booth, not a cart, so it's there all the time for your cravings.

            Marukai Market
            1620 W. Redondo Beach Blvd

        2. last year, i went to a stand on a saturday outside Marukai Market in Gardena. i don't know if they're still there. they had choc & custard.
          Marukai Market in Gardena
          1740 West Artesia Boulevard
          Gardena, CA 90248
          Phone: (310) 660-6300

          also try calling:
          3502 W. Jefferson Blvd.
          Los Angeles, CA 90018
          TEL: (323) 732-1282
          Open 9:30 am ~ 2:30 pm except Mondays

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            Kinokuni, they're the people who come to Marukai Market, I got their card one day at Marukai.

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              that's what i thought. can you verify that it's the one on artesia? just want to make sure i'm not confusing locations.

          2. Ebisu in Fountain Valley has them:


            Along with Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki... you could make quite a meal of it if you had the fortitude!

            1. They had a joint inside the Galleria supermarket in K-town (corner of Olympic and Western) that made them fresh... i haven't been there in ~6 months, but i'm pretty sure they're still making it.

              mmm~ so yummy when it's fresh and hot!