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Sep 1, 2006 02:45 AM

Decent but quick lunch for 10 in Santa Monica?

We'll be on a tight schedule, but would like a nice lunch in the Santa Monica area. We may end up at the Broadway Deli, because they'll hold the table and do a nice job. Any other ideas? This is a weekday business lunch and we'll be in somewhat of a hurry.

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  1. how much time? deli type food? any area preference in SM?

    1. Please, skip Broadway Deli. Nice job doesn't make up for average food, at best. So many places in Santa Monica. I will think about other options.

      1. Right you are...

        No it doesn't have to be deli food, I'd hope it wasn't. They just happen to be very accommodating.

        We'd be up for anything we could get in under an hour. Even if we have to order ahead.

        1. What about CPK or Chez Jay?

          1. You can order ahead at Literati Cafe, on Wilshire. It's a bit of an informal place, but quick service.

            Or, you could try its more upscale neighbor, Literati II.