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Sep 1, 2006 01:58 AM

weekend lunching

having a tough time coming up with late lunch/early dinner places to take my company who will be coming in from out of town this weekend. we want to eat three meals each day but we are late starters (brunch at 11am, lunch at 4pm, dinner at 10pm)

starting in northern liberties for brunch both sat and sun, we will be heading on foot to south philly on saturday and to the art museum on sunday. any thoughts on where to stop in between? we don't mind going a bit out of the way for food just so long as we can reach it on foot.

P.S. -unrelated- if i ever open a dining establishment of my own, i will take care to specialize in a newly-created meal called "lunner" which will take place between 2:30pm and 4:30pm every day and feature meal-worthy appetizers such as bruschetta, tomato/moz salad, gazpacho, calamari, spinach/artichoke dip, chips & salsa and anything else snack-til-you're-stuffed-worthy! this is my favorite chowing time of the day and it's a pity it's such a downtime that most restaurants close during my finest hour.

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  1. In a related manner, it is a shame that a lot of places are closed on Saturday for lunch. From Amada and Buddakan to places even like Good Dog, no food for you. Also, a related complaint is places like Devil's Alley who specialize in ribs and the like serving brunch on Saturday that has no ribs, just omelettes. Sorry about my ranting!

    I would venture to say that a good start timing and location-wise would be Honey's Sit and Eat in Nolo.

    As far as lunch, Philadelphia Fish and Co. (3rd and Chesnut) does lunch until 3 PM and then starts dinner at 4:30 on Saturday so that's a possibility, as is Ansill (600 something South 3rd St now does brunch too on Satudays although I'm not sure of the hours...)

    You're really walking through this Ernesto muck on Saturday? All the power to you!