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Sep 1, 2006 01:17 AM

Olema Inn for lunch?

I'm thinking of going to Point Reyes this weekend. Has anyone had lunch at the Olema Inn? Past reports are mostly positive, but they're all about dinner. Recs for an alternative spot for a good lunch are also welcome.

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  1. I can't speak about the Olema Inn, but I've had nothing but good food at the Pine Cone Diner, in Pt. Reyes Station (and I figure you'll probably be right around the corner anyway, buying bear claws at Bovine Bakery and Cowgirl Creamery cheese)

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    1. re: Jess Leber

      Thanks! I just did a search on Pine Cone Diner and it looks fantastic! I'm always looking to try a new eggs benedict. And I can't resist a good milkshake. (Can I really eat a milkshake, Farfax Scoop ice cream and Picco soft serve all in the same day? Yes I Can!)

      1. re: Morton the Mousse

        Definitely do one of the milkshakes at the Pine Cone Diner. They both have coffee beans ground up in them - mmmm.

        1. re: gordon wing

          When I found that pic on a search I knew I had to go to Pine Cone. Mrs. Mousse freaked out when she saw it - she LOVES a good coffee milkshakes.

        2. re: Morton the Mousse

          There's always room for Fairfax Scoop's "vanilla honey lavender"! And, the strawberry should be absolutely prime right now.

      2. I have had nothing but very disappointing experiences at the Pinecone, including remarkably atrocious service. On the other hand, I have fallen in love with the Olema Inn. In my opinion, there's no comparison. Pinecone always put me in a BAD mood, while Olema Inn had the exact opposite effect.

        Get a coffee milkshake to go from Pinecone if you have to (and believe me, I know the need!)

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        1. re: Maya

          Would you please elaborate a bit, Maya? Have you been to Olema Inn for weekend lunch? What is it like? Their website only features a dinner menu.

          What did you not like about Pine Cone, other than the service? Were the prices too high? The portions too small? Or did you not care for the food? For some reason, I seem to be immune to bad service (I've only had bad service once in the past three years) so if service was your only objection I'm willing to chance it.

          1. re: Morton the Mousse

            The Olema Inn's lunch menu is similar to dinner as far as I remember (it's been a while). The entire experience is nicer than the Pinecone in my opinion. I just couldn't understand the long wait for mediocre food and being abandoned for over an hour didn't help.

          2. re: Maya

            I was disappointed by the Pinecone after reading so much. The food was mediocre, the servings small, the prices EXHORBITANT. The coffee was good, though, as was the service (I liked the bristly, tough waitresses). But when I spend $36 on breakfast for two - and not a very big breakfast for two - I don't expect to still be very hungry at the end of it. My eggs benedict was ONE egg with about a tablespoon of hollandaise. Not impressed at all, sorry.

            However our supper the next night at Olema Inn was incredible. Wonderful service, no wait, best charcuterie plate ever.

            But it's not fair to compare the two - different classes of restaurant completely.

            Pinecone is fine if you are rich. Not for working people though. Same for Olema Inn, but you'd expect that there. Pinecone is a rich person's spot masquerading as working class; Olema Inn has no pretentions to anything but ritziness.

          3. While I've never been to the Olema Inn for a meal, I have been to the Pinecone Diner. The decor is cute and the food is good but when we went there for breakfast one morning, it was incredibly hot inside (and we're from Sacramento so we're used to hot weather) and there were flies all over the place inside. It was gross and left a bad taste in my mouth so even though we make a trip to the area twice a year in the winter and summer months, we will not go back there.