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Sep 1, 2006 01:13 AM

BluBalls on Highland

After great anticipation, me, my spouse and 3 relatives got little satisfaction out of our meal at Blu on Highland. The place was packed with the oh-so-yuppie crowd, mostly locals.

Bread: We were given a small "artsy" basket of bread with one dish of oil. The bread was ordinary, the oil was flavorless, and they gave us "EXACTLY enough... 1 piece per person. We could have walked over to Trader Joes for better bread. But, when we asked, they did bring us more bread.

Drinks: one person ordered a pomegranate martini..which was WAY too sweet for the drinker's liking. Beer and Wine was list was unimpressive and expensive.

Apps: We ordered 1 appetizer of calimari. They liked it.

Salads: 1 Ceasar, 2 Goat Cheese, 1 Green...simple salad. Ceasar was bland, the Goat cheese was on a bed of bitter greens-- with a few dried cranberries on top. The fried cheese was....FRIED CHEESE IN THE SUBURBS! FRANKLY...I prefer my fried cheese curds from WI.

Two Steak Frites - both were luke warm, and not prepared as ordered. The waitress had to bring one back to the kitchen to cook the meat as order. (The waitress comped us for the mistake at the end of the meal) The meat was average, not tender. The "Frites"...Are you sitting? Appeared to all of us that they walked up Chestnut Street from McDonalds. They looked and tasted just like MikeyD's. (at 10X the price)

One lobster ravioli: To say "al dente" is too kind. The ravioli were gummy, and not cooked. The diner actually cut off the outer parts of the ravioli so she could eat inner filing.

Soup: Due to the underwhelming vegetarian options presented, I had soup and salad. The tomato soup was quite decent...the salad was uninspiring.

Overall, the menu was uninspiring, bland, and not posted on the front of the restaruant. If the menu were posted, we're not sure if anyone would have any enthusiasm about this place. For the prices on the menu, there are plenty of other upscale suburban options. The one thing that this place does have is a nice bar. The windows facing Highland Ave were a nice touch...

If you have hearing problems, this is not the place for you. The accoustics of the room are poor. Between the noise from the street, the loud bar, and the diningroom, our table of 5, we had trouble hearing each other.

In conclusion, purchase your bread and olive oil at TJ's, French Fries at McDonalds, and your entree from any other suburban joint in the area, and you'll spend less, and be more satisfied.

Sorry to be so cruel.....but we had higher expectations, and we live within walking distance of the restaurant.

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  1. So what *were* the prices if it was so overpriced?

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    1. re: Joanie

      I'm speaking of Blue on Highland in Needham..

      The Steak Frites was $20+.... , drinks $9, soup $6, salads $10 each, pastas were in the $15-20 range. Portions were paltry....and after speaking to my neighbor, he too was disappointed by the place.

      1. re: Joanie

        Higher expectations why? Celebrity ownership's usually a warning sign, at least in my book.

      2. And which Highland are we talking about?

        1. Sounds like the one in Needham to me, where Trader Joe's is nearby and McDonald's is indeed to be found on Chestnut St.

          I'm sorry you had such a bad experience, but definitely thanks for the report! My (hearing-impaired) dad lives in Needham, and I was thinking of trying Blu with him, and now I certainly won't.

          1. The original comment has been removed