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Sep 1, 2006 12:02 AM

Need Culver City Recs: Sepulveda/Jefferson

I'm going to be stuck for much of the weekend in the vicinity of Sepulveda Blvd. and Jefferson Blvd., and am looking for some casual, chowish recommendations. I don't know the area at all but am looking for cheap to moderately priced grub.

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  1. How far are you willing to travel? There's pretty much nothing in that neighborhood. (see the earlier Petrelli's link) But if you don't mind heading to Centinela there's Taqueria Sanchez and a couple of other taquerias. If you head to Motor & Venice there's Gaby's Mediterranean which is tasty. If yu're willing to drive further, there's downtown Culver city about 15 minutes east, and Venice about 15 minutes west. Lots of options there.

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      What's good at Gaby's? I often pass by but haven't dropped in.

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        I really like their vegetarian plate quite a bit (I'm not veggie.) I think the baba ganouj is some of the best I've had, it has a nice, almost smokey flavor to it. Their salmon kebab plate is really nice too. (They have another salmon dish I haven't tried FYI.) They have nice sandwiches for lunch (call ahead for takeout.) They have a lamb salad that I liked too. I do have to warn you, the service, while friendly, is often clueless. It's not bad just inefficient. Portions are generous, I can't usually finish my meal.

    2. Excellent inexpensive Indian restaurant in the shopping center at Overland and Jefferson. Average sushi place, decent sandwich and pizza place too. We always go to the Indian place for the $6.99 buffet. Open every day.

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        must respectfully disagree with you on this one.
        i find the food at shalimar VERY disappointing.
        (lord knows i really tried to like the place because of it's location.)

      2. The Roll & Rye is a surprisingly decent deli right at the huge Jefferson shopping center. A minute or south on Sepulveda, south of Culver you'll have the cuban El Rincon Criollo, a pretty okay alternative to Versaille.

        1. On Culver/Inglewood, you've got Tacomiendo and Taqueria Sanchez, which are really good, cheap taco places.

          On Washington Place, there is a good Oaxacan restaurant (Sazon Oaxaquena? I cannot remember the name.)

          Rockenwagner is a really good bakery on Washington in Culver City.

          If you get into the heart of Culver City, then you've got lots of options. Surfa's has good sandwiches and salads. Gaby's is a decent Mediterranean place. Annapurna is a good Indian option. Tender Greens has excellent salads. S&W Diner has very good, hearty breakfast/lunch choices.

          You've got lots and lots of options.

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            don't forget the taqueria sanchez on centinela--the BEST shrimp tosada and shrimp tacos and mojarra frito (sp?).
            probably everything else there is good too, but i can't get beyond these favorites to try the rest.
            be aware, though, they close at 7pm on weekdays.

          2. on sepulveda, SORRENTO italian market for sandwiches and other good stuff

            5518 s. sepulveda @playa)
            culver city, ca 90230