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Flagstaff eats

Thanks to all you foodies who recommended excellent restaurants for my trip to Scottsdale. We managed to get to the Phoenix Ranch Market (fun and tasty) and Malee's on Main (delicious Thai).

As a small thanks, I thought I would post a few of my recommendations for Flagstaff. In looking through older posts, it seems that a few favorites always come up. So here are some different ideas for those foodies who want to try something new on their next trip through.

Martan's is a hole-in-the wall restaurant serving delicious Mexican breakfasts until about 2 in the afternoon. This place only seats about 20 and on the weekends it tends to be packed. It's located on San Francisco just north of Route 66. Try the chilaquiles in either red or green sauce. Yum!

Fratelli's is the way to go! They have a by-the-slice option in downtown Flagstaff as well as a sit-down on option on 4th Street. Short on atmosphere, but long on taste.

Upscale Dinner
The Cottage Place. This is hands down the best evening out in Flagstaff imho (though I have yet to try Brix for dinner - their lunch is nothing special). Bread, soup, and salad are included in the entree price, making for a surprisingly reasonable bill at the end of the night. A taster menu option is served on the weekends and generally has 7 courses for around $75, and you can choose to add wine pairings. Reservations recommended.

Ethnic dinner for a crowd
Corea House - downtown east of San Francisco. The food has always been tasty here, but if you go with 4 or more people you get a platter of fun appetizers to start the meal. And there just aren't that many places to eat Korean food in Arizona!

Mountain Oasis - downtown on Aspen west of San Francisco. A variety of sandwiches and salads with various ethnic themes at a reasonable price. Dinner is also good here, but a little bit pricey for what's on offer. The smoothies here are delicious.

Happy eating!

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  1. We experienced the Cottage Place for the first time last Saturday during our weekend on the hill. ... Very nice. ... And that tasting menu you mentioned is only $50 ... $77 with wine pairings.

    1. second the Martan's recommendation: had a breakfast there last Sun - a tasty generous pick-me-up - sustained us through the Crand Canyon hiking!

      1. Never forget Little Thai Kitchen! :)

        1. We're headed to Flag this Sunday for a conference. I'm not familiar with Corea House.... How's the kimchi? Do they have Bibimbop? Any vegetarian options?

          We'll stay at the Raddison. How is Sakura?

          I always go to the other Thai place, so I'll try thr Little Thai and the pizza place as well.

          Thanks for the post

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            I've been to Corea House. I don't really have anything to compare it with in terms of authenticity, but they had the right signs (the server was hard to understand, quirky attempts to appeal to Americans). My kimchi was very tasty. My meal was some sort of griddle cake with some meat in it. I really enjoyed it. They do have veggie options. Sorry I can't be more helpful. I definitely recommend giving it a shot though.

            1. re: amkirkland

              A skiing day trip found me craving a post-snow warm-me-up meal at Corea House. I got the pork kimchi stew. Delicious. The server (the owner I assume) tried to get me to get some stir fry dish, pointing at it, saying, "best dish!" and giving me a thumbs up. I'm pretty certain he recommends this because it's most like the oriental food that us westerners are used to. Don't be afraid to branch out to the more unusual foods, they're great! My dish came with four sides, bean sprouts, spinach, radish kimchee and cabbage kimchee. They were all great. The sprouts and spinach had a little touch of peanut oil and the kimchee was just spot on. Rich fermented taste, but nothing "off." The stew was mainly kimchee, broth and tofu, but had bits of pork in it. Everything was seasoned perfectly. The accompanying rice was a little mushy. in spight of that one downfall, Corea House is highly reccomended.

            2. re: scottso

              I didn't realize Sakura was still around. Don't laugh, but Sakura was my first dabble in sushi('91). It was the only place in town and my then boyfriend used to take me for "fancy" nights out. I haven't been since so I can't comment on it.

              I would imagine it's what Japanese food in Flagstaff is supposed to be - mediocre. It's not Japanese owned by any means. Probably lots of safe dishes.

            3. It was listed on their website, but as you know updating is so ofetn lame, it might still be listed, years afetr the fact. Thanks for the warning though.

              1. Living in Flagstaff for four years (yes at NAU - class of '01), I just have to mention Beaver Street Brewery. Basic pub food done very well with fresh beer. May favorites included the Beaver St Burger, Three Sausage Pizza, and Pesto & Cream Cheese appetizer.


                1. I was driving through Flagstaff on December 24, trying to make Monument Valley before sundown (what a awesome place the Valley). As I was headed north out of Flagstaff, I stopped at a Mexican place, which was a little more than a toco stand. I had the best green pork burrito ever. It is Los Alitos and its next to Arvy's. The folks eating there seemed to know what a find it is.


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                    "... I had the best green pork burrito ever. It is Los Alitos and its next to Arvy's. The folks eating there seemed to know what a find it is.


                    It's Los Tacos Altos, right next to Arbys - but otherwise I agree with you!

                  2. Just an update - Fratelli's has closed their by-the-slice operation downtown and opened a sit-down branch on West Phoenix off of Beaver Street (first right south of the tracks).

                    1. Another note, Beaver Street Brewery has made some alterations to their menu, although most of their trusty standards are still there. Prices have also increased by $1-3 per plate.

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                        The food is as good as ever, and they hadn't raised prices in several years, so I wasn't too bummed by the changes.

                      2. Another update - Racha Thai has closed down. There are still two Thai restaurants in Flagstaff, both serving similar dishes.

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                          Racha Thai has actually moved--they are now in the Western Hills Motel on Route 66 at Enterprise and Route 66. (That's where Dara Thai was originally located.) Haven't eaten at the new location yet, but will report when I do.

                          1. re: AlFerris

                            Yes, Racha Thai has returned! Hubby and I ate there a couple of weeks ago. They have just opened at this location, and the kinks were definitely still getting worked out. Service was terrible, but the food was still delicious. Hopefully after a few more weeks they'll get back into the flow (although their service was always slow).

                            Other updates - Corea House has closed and a new Thai restaurant has opened in it's place - Swaddee's from Phoenix. We'll see how they do in a town where most locals are vehemently anti-Phoenix. And I am disappointed that the culinary choices have been reduced again - we have a number of good Thai restaurants already.

                            A new Peruvian restaurant has opened around the corner from Dara Thai off of San Francisco. I had a good mixed ceviche plate here, although generally I don't think of Peruvian fare as the most exciting in the world. They do serve some fun stuff like yucca, chicha morada, and other items you might find in Cusco.

                            And another favorite: for BBQ try Big Foot BBQ, located in the basement of the Old Town Shops on the corner of Birch and Leroux. The standouts here are the meat, sweet potato fries and onion rings. They're buns are terrible, but you can avoid them by ordering a plate instead for more meaty goodness. Mmmmmm.

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                              Too bad a GOOD Korean restaurant didn't open in place of Corea House. As you say, Flag already has good Thai. With all the Korean tourists heading up to the Canyon, a good Korean restaurant could have a lot of stopover business. Also, Grand Canyon's nearby Tusayan is wide open for a big high quality Asian restaurant, in case any Asian restauranteur wants a hot business tip!