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Aug 31, 2006 09:49 PM

Italian espresso filled candy

I'm new here. I'm looking for the name of (and a way of getting my hands on) a candy I've only found in a gas station in Italy. It is chocolate filled with a shot of espresso. Not espresso flavored cream, or ganache or liqueur... just espresso. In order to hold the liquid the chocolate had quite a snap to it, but it as well was nothing but chocolate. Chocolate and espresso... nothing else.

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  1. It's called Pocket Coffee and is made by Ferrero. There are several places where you can order online.

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    1. My Italian friend brought back some of these delicious treats for my boyfriend and I. I loved them but now I know what I am missing since there is no source to feed this new found addiction...curse her!


      1. seems to have a great selection of other Italian cravings.