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Aug 31, 2006 09:38 PM

What to order at Vito's ?

I recently discovered Vito's on Ocean Park in Santa Monica. Real cute, quaint Italian restaurant. Is there anything in particular on their menu that I need to order?

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  1. SPAGHETTI DELLA CASA ........................18.95
    Vito's Favorite...Chopped Shrimp Sautéed
    with Shallots, Flamed with Cognac with
    a Touch of Cream and Tomato Sauce.
    This is Positively Scrumptious. A Hit!

    I cut and pasted the above from their website. This is so rich and heavenly, you must order this! :) See if they can make a half order for you. I know they can split the dish for two people (makes the perfect amount per serving) but they charge an additional $6.50 service fee to do that.

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    1. re: dinami

      OMG, they serve this exact dish at Oyster HOuse in Valley Village. That's the only thing I order, I crave it every other week or so. They have to be owned by the same people.

      It's $16.95 at Oyster house.

      1. re: Veggietales

        Herb Newman, the owner of Oyster House, also owns - or his wife owns - Steak Joynt on Lankershim. He's never mentioned any connection to Vito's. If you know Herb (and anyone who regularly patronizes Oyster House knows Herb), he would talk about it if he did.

        I don't know enough about Italian-American food to know, but maybe "spaghetti della casa" is the same dish everywhere.

        1. re: Debbie W

          you're absolutely right that Herb would mention a connection. Maybe the chef at Vito's use to work at Oyster HOuse.

          Not being a smart ass, but saying spaghetti della casa might be the same everywhere is like saying Soup du jour is the same every place that has that on the menu. I just don't think it's coincidence that both these places "house special" pasta are identically described on each other's menus.

    2. Wouldn't you know I'm allergic to shellfish.....

      1. Order the table side Caesar and the Carbonara. Avoid desserts.
        And don't fill up on those yummy garlic toasts.

        1. My husband and and I both like the Chicken Vito

          1. I always get the feeling that I am eating frozen food at vito's. the caesar is good but outside of that, I think it's all ambiance and mediocre food. if you do go, try to find someone that has a neighborhood discount card that they freely give out to "neighbors". it's worth 30% off your entire meal including drinks! (maybe this is why the food is questionable to me)