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Pre-Fenway, but not Beerworks?

Finally scored some tickets to a Sox game for Sat night. Actually we'll be sitting in a stuffy corporate box, so looking for a good pub vibe with great chow and beer beforehand. We always do Beerworks cuz DH loves the beer, but food is a distance second. I'm thinking Audobon Circle (where is that exactly?)? Looking for great apps, a killer burger, and micros. Thanks Hounds!

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  1. I love the burger at Audubon and it's quite convenient to Fenway. It's down on Beacon Street in the direction of Brookline (between Kenmore and St. Mary's). Another convenient option is Eastern Standard. I remember a pretty good burger there.

    1. I agree that Audubon is a good choice--the directions above work, or if you're already by the beerworks you can cut through that big parking lot and that will take you up to Beacon. It's on the westbound side of the street.

      1. Crossroads Pub (near the corner of Mass. Ave. and Beacon) does a good burger, and it's only a 10-minute walk to Fenway.

        1. For beers the Linwood has the best selection in the area and offers way better beers than Beerworks has been since Jodi(head brewer) left and has decent food...BBQ its on Kilmarknock St.

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            not good barbecue but I agree they have a great beer selection.

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              I would hit up el pelon for some fish tacos, then head over to the linwood back bar for some cheap bombers of great beer.

          2. It's been a while since I've been to Cornwall's in Kenmore Square but they always had the best beer list around and food was decent as well.

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              I used to really like Cornwall's (and I might still--I just hadn't been in awhile and last time I was there it smelled like stale beer), but I've never found the food to be good. Ok in a pinch, but not a place I'd seek out. But for a nice pub atmosphere (assuming the smell was a fluke), it's quite good.

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                I have a friend who lives in Kenmore and Cornwall's is his hangout - The burger and fries are decent - nothing to write home about, but passable.

                I have not noticed the smell - and the dart boards, although chewed, are something to enjoy.

            2. Hit up Baseball tavern near WBCN on Boylston. Cheap good eats, and they have a roofdeck. It's an awesome bar going experience

              1. I'd agree...Audubon is great. Great roasted potatoes and a good burger!!

                1. an tua nua, also on beacon st., a bit closer to fenway than audobon. i took some nyc friends to audobon pre-sox, and they didn't care for the vibe. we had a lot more fun at an tua nua. it's a semi-irish pub, with a great beer selection.

                  if you want to upscale slightly, there's eastern standard in kenmore which keeps its beer taps packed in chipped ice!! and the food is solid.

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                    but the food at an tua nua is no where near as good as the food at Audubon.

                  2. Audubon Circle is my go-to for Sox pre-game; it's on Beacon Street between Kenmore Square and Park Drive (on the right as you head west from Kenmore). Lots that's good here beyond their excellent burger and veggie burger. Don't miss the fine cocktails and the great little patio out back. They also do pitchers.

                    Also worthwhile is the new Beacon Street Tavern, a couple of blocks past Audubon on Beacon, after Park Drive on the right. Bigger, with a nice big sidewalk patio, with very fine pub food (though a step down from its older sibling, the Washington Square Tavern). Either of these places has far better food than most nearby options.

                    I'm not crazy about its food, but Cornwall's in Kenmore Square has good draught beer selections.

                    If you want a fabulous, high-value Italian meal, consider Trattoria Toscana on Jersey Street between Boylston and Park Drive. It's a little storefront restaurant (no bar) that serves wine (the house carafe red is a deal) and a few bottled beers. It's an overlooked gem.

                    I've also had good luck at Eastern Standard, which has rather more upscale brasserie feel to it. For some reason, I get excellent service at the bar (which has some superb bartenders working a great, interesting cocktail list) versus the dining room, where many of the servers seem kind of amateurish.

                    I had a burger at Bukowski's on Dalton Street near the Hynes before going to last night's game. (The game itself was way more entertaining than expected, given the DL has more starters than the dugout). That was a pretty fine burger, bigger and better than I remember getting here in the past, and they have literally hundreds of beers in bottles and a nice draught selection. Still a cool little tavern, a bargain by Back Bay standards.

                    1. I believe Joanie in these pages has rooted for the grub at Game On!, the shiny new place across the street from BBW.

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                        You remember correctly. I wonder how that place is doing cuz it never seems that crowded, even during the games never mind when the Sox aren't in town. In any case, I think their burger is just okay but the pizzas are tasty and I had great fried calamari there too.

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                          Game On! is a pretty good choice if you are looking for some good Sox energy before heading into the stuffy corporate box. The food is definitely a step above BeerWorks, but I don't remember how extensive (and expensive) their beer selection was. I love good beer, but before a game, especially on a weekend, I tend to go for a light beer so I can drink many and eat plenty.

                      2. I would vote for Audubon as having the best "bar food" in the Fenway area. My personal favorite is actually the bean burger which comes with potatoes and great chipotle ketchup - the potatoes are good, but really just an excuse to eat the ketchup.