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Aug 31, 2006 08:58 PM

Cape Cod Cafe, Brockton, Pizza!

After dropping my daughter off to college in Norton we drove to the Cape Cod Cafe in Brockton for some linguica pizza.

I know this isn't in the same league or style as Pepe's (in New Haven, CT) and such...but gosh darn... THIS is the pizza memories are made of, and on my personal satisfaction scale I rank it at the top.

Each pizza pie at CCC is small and perfectly cut into little slices. Eat it while it's hot. Linguica is my favorite topping but onion is amazingly good as well. Don't get more than one topping per makes the crust soggy.

After we finished, I realized I have been eating pizza from here since I was 6 (42 years!). That's a long time for a tiny (sorry have to say it) dive bar in Brockton. Long may it prosper. If you are ever down that way stop in for a pizza. It is something completely different.

Can't wait to come up again on parents' weekend...

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  1. What kind of pizza do they serve there? Is it bar-style pizza? (That is, 10-inch personal pan pizza that bars often serve to go with beers.)

    How is their pepperoni pizza? I may be in the area this weekend (perhaps a Brockton Rox game on Monday), so perhaps I'll head over there if I have a chance.

    BTW, there are very few places in the same league as Pepe's! I get hungry just thinking about that incredible place...

    1. I would say it is bar pizza. The pies are small. They sell a ton on weekend nights, their takeout window is very busy.

      Oddly, although pepperoni is popular in Connecticut and New York, I've never had it at the Cape Cod. The linguica rocks, and the salami is pretty good too. Not often you see people ordering salami pizza, but this place is in a time warp and salami pizza is defintely still a fave here. But then you get purists who still just order plain. It's not called "cheese" just plain, which means cheese.

      This ain't fancy stuff. Just really good for whatever genre it is.

      1. I have been going to CCC for my entire life and the pepperoni is also great although I usually get hamburg and onion. Also, they have fantastic Greek salads and a small is HUGE. Definitely worth a try!

        1. I noticed they have others in Bridgewater and Raynham. Are the others as good as the one in Brockton?

          1. All locations are all equally good and I've been enjoying their pizzas for years as well. There was a post, a while back on Boston-style pizza ( ). To me, Cape Code Cafe epitomizes this regional variant. Crispy pie-style crust and a cheddar/mozzeralla cheese topping. I love the extra large pepperoni they use as well. They cook up super crispy in their ovens.

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              Thank you for linking to that thread, Keith, I had not seen it before. I didn't know CCC had a Web site...whoda thought it... Anyway, you gotta love a place that has "push ups" on the dessert menu. (okay, its the kids' dessert menu...but still I love it, and I still love push ups too!!)

              Because I rarely visit my old hometown area (West Bridgewater/Brockton), the pizza at this restaurant really hits the nostalgic button for me. We only ever went to the one in Brockton but I'm gonna try the Raynham location next time because it's closer to Norton than Brockton.

              Cheddar in their cheese mix? I had no idea...but that probably explain why it has such a unique consistency and taste. I wish I could make this at home.