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Aug 31, 2006 08:45 PM

Love it...but a couple of suggestions

I am salivating over this site! It's fun, informative, and edgy.
A couple of suggestions:

1) A slightly bigger font
2) An easy way to email articles (like the New York Times)

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  1. The font size is fine, IMO.

    PLEASE add a "Print this (article, post, whatever)" -- this is an excellent addition, especially for sites that have content (like recipes) that users might want to print and take to the store with them!

    1. yes! emailing and printing are both in the queue of upcoming features, for sure.

      1. I like it so far. I do hope you will put in an RSS feed for the site, not just here, for the comments. Unless I get an e-mail notice I count on my bloglines reader to see that there are new entries on all my favorite blogs and other sites that use it.

        1. Fantastic! So much better than any other food site, bar none. Something for everyone here. Might I suggest that perhaps it's not the font size that makes for difficult reading in some spots, but the use of white letters against a dark red background that is causing the fuzzy appearance of the letters? Everything else looks crystal-clear. Congratulations on an lively, informative and extraordinary site!

          1. If this is only the beta, I can't wait to see the real thing!