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Aug 31, 2006 08:28 PM

Aroma in Silver lake - what to get?

Aroma in Silver lake - what to get?

I've lived a few block away from Aroma for a few months now. I poked my head in recently and checked out the menu - I was surprised to see it was Italian.

I'm finally gonna eat there this weekend. I read the old posts and generally this place seems to be a hit - but I can't tell if people can agree on their strongest dishes. Maybe the mango salad? But is this a better meat or pasta place?

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  1. Ate there last week; was again delighted. Ask about the specials; also, if you get there when things are not impossibly busy, they seem really accomodating of those, like the Chowpouse, who regard menus more as lists of possibilites than as lists of fixed things in fixed combinations, and are inclined to ask: "Can I get X, but with the sauce from Y, with Z on the side instead of W, and, please leave out the olives?".

    Also, some of the wine half-bottles are at great prices...

    1. I agree. We went about a week ago. The waiter is dedicated to helping people enjoy their meal. The salad specials are especially good--I had one with fresh asparagus and manchego--and enjoyed a half-bottle of syrah at a niceprice. The SO had a delish veal piccata and I had homemade cannelloni stuffed with three cheeses with a sauce that would rival Michael's.

      It's worth calling ahead (even an hour ahead) and asking for a table away from the door.

      1. I know this is way late, but if you're heading to Aroma again, make sure you try the Veal Aroma. Insane good.

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        1. Well it's been 6 months but the bruschetta was very tasty.

          1. T-bone steak and the seafood Pasta were very nice, great wine selection for such a little place.
            I second the Bruschetta!!