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Aug 31, 2006 08:05 PM

A few of my favorite things... (San Diego)

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feeeel sooo baaad...

Roast Pork Loin sandwich -- The Cheese Shop (La Jolla)
Octopus Fritters -- Yakitori Yakudori (Hillcrest)
Scallop sandwich -- Point Loma Seafooods (Point Loma)
Falafel plate -- Mama's Lebanese (University Heights)
Onion Rings -- Hodad's (Ocean Beach)
Corn Breakfast Tamales -- The Coffee Cup (La Jolla)
Anything grilled -- El Pescador (La Jolla)
Garlic Chicken -- Dao Son (El Cajon Blvd.)
Grilled Pork Ban Mhi -- K Sandwiches (Linda Vista)
Every sort of dumpling -- Dumpling Inn (Convoy St.)
Roast Leg of Lamb -- St Spyridon Greek festival (Hillcrest)
Coq au vin -- Cavaillon (Santaluz)
Italian Sausage -- Pete's Meats (Little Italy)
Lamby Joes -- Laurel (Banker's Hill)
Chocolate Creme Brulee -- Il Fornaio (Coronado)
Burrata -- Buon Appetito (Little Italy)
Wandering the wine vaults -- The Wine Bank (Gaslamp)
Neal's Yard Stilton with a dab of honey -- from Whole Foods
Roasted root veggies -- Chino Farms ( @ my house)

I could go on...

What are some of your favorite foodie things in San Diego???

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  1. Turkey sandwich on rosemary/olive oil bread - Bread & Cie (Hillcrest)
    The tomato sauce w/ capers and anchovies - Assenti's Pasta (Little Italy)
    Char-cheddar dog - Lefty's Pizza (North Park)
    Porko slice - Bronx Pizza (Hillcrest)
    Carnitas plate - El Rodeo (Hillcrest)
    Barbacoa burrito - El Asadero (College)
    Custard-filled pancakes - 99 Ranch (Kearny Mesa)
    Roasted chestnuts - Mitsuwa (Kearny Mesa)
    Nem Nuong Cuon (grilled pork meatball summer rolls) - Convoy Noodle House (Kearny Mesa)
    Mini Bacon-cheeseburger - Hodad's (OB)
    Combo #0 (ground beef taco, cheese enchilada) - Nati's (OB)
    Rice pudding ice cream - Oasis (Imperial Beach)
    Italian-style macaroni and cheese - Nicolosi's (Allied Gardens)
    Sausage tacos - Linkery (North Park)
    Puerco Enchilado, Empanadas, Chicken chipotle - Super Cocina (City Heights)
    Chicken salad, egg salad, or pot roast sandwich - Wit's End (Hillcrest)
    Turkish ground-beef kebab - Hillcrest farmers market
    Szechuan lamb - Ba Ren (Clairemont)
    Tuna tataki, Gobo roots salad - Tajima (Kearny Mesa)
    Bulgogi - Buga (Clairemont)
    Salami sandwich - Girard Gourmet (La Jolla)
    Tiger cry steak - Royal Thai (Gaslamp)
    Charcuterie items - Cafe Cerise (Gaslamp)
    Onion rings - Phil's BBQ (Hillcrest)
    Espresso con gelato (like a coffee-spiked mini-milkshake) - Gelato Vero (Mission Hills)
    BBQ Brisket - Abbie's Texas BBQ (Miramar)
    Chicken rolled tacos - Nico's (OB or Bay Park)
    Roast beef sandwich - Seisel's (Bay Park)
    Cuban sandwich - Andre's (Bay Park)

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    1. re: Josh

      Josh...are the roasted chestnuts at mitsuwa a seasonal thing? what else do you like from there.

      I once had the dry fried lamb at Ba Ren...while good and mind-numbingly was a little too much on the fatty side for my tastes. Love the cold appeteziers though -beef tendon rocks!

      1. re: kare_raisu

        There is a roasted chestnut cart in front of Mitsuwa, in front of 99Ranch and in front of Lucky Seafood every weekend...kind of a chain....

    2. Drunken spicy noodles – The Thai Grill in Hillcrest
      Ramen – Tajima on Convoy
      Tongue - Buga in Clairemont
      Any slice – Bronx in Hillcrest
      Sweet & pungent chicken – China Max on Convoy
      Spicy cold noodles – Ba Ren in Clairemont
      Tasty red chicken – Dao Son in North Park
      Chicken burrito - Alberto's in PB
      Chipotle beef torta - La Torta in PB
      Any pupusa - El Salvador Pupuseria in North Park
      Papas Quesadilla – Nick’s at the Beach
      Single bacon cheeseburger – Hodads in OB
      Beef ribs - Phil's BBQ in Hillcrest
      Fuego steak melt – Liar’s Club in MB
      Chili - Cass Street in PB
      Tapas & sangria - Costa Brava in PB
      Banana pancakes - Original Pancake House on Convoy
      Prime Rib – Bully’s East in MV
      Cupa, Cupa, Cupa - Bud's Louisiana Food Shoppe on Kettner
      Gumbo and sides – Huffman’s BBQ on Imperial Ave

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      1. re: pbhomey

        Man, that Fuego Steak Melt rocks.

      2. * BLT at Bread on Market

        * Quesadilla Special at La Posta on Washington

        * The Traditional on whole wheat roll with added cucumbers and spinach at Influx on Broadway at 19th

        * Imported Prosciutto sandwich from Mona Lisa deli on India at Hawthorn

        * Pollo Asado tacos at Los Reyes at 25th and Broadway

        * Thin-crust Margherita with added house made sausage at Lefty's on 30th north of Upas

        * Six-shot ultra-short Mexican mocha (aka "Sex-Mex") at Krakatoa on 25th at B St (by special far as I know only one of the baristas is tuned in to making this)

        * Pepperoni-Ricotta slices at Pizzeria Luigi on 25th at B St.

        * Laja, Laja, Laja.


        Full disclosure: I own a restaurant not discussed in this post.

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        1. re: jayporter

          Dr. K awesome topic
          Josh, PBHomey,jay great choices........

          Panna Cotta as made by Jack Fisher (Nine-Ten)
          Pork Confit (Asia-Vous)
          Fish Flavor Eggplant (Ba Ren)
          Mashed Potato Taco, fried (Mama Testa)
          Green Beans Almondine (Oceanaire)
          Dragon Potatoes (Cantina Panaderia)
          Hash Browns (Perry's Breakfast Cafe)
          Chuao Chocolate - the one that tastes like raisins w/chipotle

        2. Gayla - I think the Chuao chocolate you are talking about is the Picante. I like the Parchita - soft passionfruit caramel covered chocolate. Other good things that come to mind right now:

          The shrimp and crab dumplings and korean spare ribs at Roppongi
          Pulled Pork Sandwich at Phils BBQ
          Burgers at Hodad's
          Roast Beef Sandwich on sourdough at Con Pane
          The egg salad sandwich and double chocolate cookies from Cafe Zinc in Solana Beach.
          Double mocha at Cantina Panaderia with their special house-made chocolate - and the breakfast tamales (same as at Coffee Cup, mentioned above)
          Coast Toast at Brockton Villa
          Chicken Mole Burrito at El Zarape
          Steak Frites at Cafe Chloe
          Espresso gelato at Gelato Vero
          The Fresqueria Special torta sandwich and a smoothie at La Fresqueria downtown
          The tuna tartare and pot de creme (and anything else) at Wine Sellar Brasserie
          Mussel bisque at Dobson's
          Spicy scallop roll at Japengo
          The 5th Avenue roll at Ono Sushi
          Sandwiches from Pete's Quality Meats on India
          The BLT and peanut butter shake at the Beef n' Bun
          Coffee Braised short ribs at Chive
          Moule Frites at Vagabond
          Hornitos Margaritas at Ponce's in Kensington
          The grilled green beans at the Linkery
          Scones from Rebecca's
          Carnitas and Carne Asada burrito from Sarita's in Spring Valley
          The fried chicken and biscuits (for breakfast!) at Hash House
          Onion rings at Jacks' Grille in La Jolla
          Ahi Poke and Chicken B'stilla at Parallel 33
          Salsa Chilena chips and salsa (at BevMo and Whole Foods - among others)
          The french bread and croissants/pastries at Bread & Cie
          Heirloom tomatoes and corn from Chino Farms or Be Wise
          and oh how I could go on - but that's enough!!

          1. I am new in town, but thanks to the advice from here and the blog team, I've found some favorites:

            Bahn Mi from Ks Sandwiches
            BBQ from Buga
            Aji Sashimi from Izakaya Sakura
            Bun Bo Hue and Vietnamese soups from all over El Cajon
            Two person burrito from Baja Betty's (mostly the atmosphere)
            Chicken hearts and wings from Yakitori Yakyudori
            coffee beans from cafe calabria
            pork verde (or whatever that great stew was) from super cocina
            fuego burger from liars club
            spicy noodles from ba rem
            crab cake breakfast from Hash House
            martinis from martinis (hillcrest)
            pizza from arivaderici (or bronx's ricotta spinach slice after drinking all night...)
            Pastrami from city deli (plus 20 pickles with lunch)
            Cheesesteaks from philly franks (san marcos - not bad and I'm a philly guy)
            All the food from Punjabi (I love these guys)
            Lamb stew from Red Sea
            Carne Asada burrito from Robertos (am I a local yet?)
            fancy-pants sushi rolls from Ono Sushi
            Baguettes from Bread and Cie
            Thai Chicken from Saffron
            Pad See Ewe from Thai Grill (max heat!)
            Beef Empinadas from stand at Hillcrest Farmers Market