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does anyone know of any other recipe exchange/ message boards where recipes are rated/reviewed?

I was wondering if anyone can recommend any good websites that offer reviews/ratings of recipes.....and message boards where people discuss recipes?

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    1. Food Network and Epicurious. My favorite websites as well.

      My favorite board is www.cooksillustrated.com . The bulletin boards are free.

      1. This is a good one because it will adjust the measures for you based on the number of servings (beware as it does not adjust cooking time though):


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              What a great site. Thanks for sharing it. I came across this recipe and was hooked. Chocolate chip cookie dough buttercream.


              1. re: chowser

                It really is a super fun food site. I believe the first time I heard about it was through the NY Times people but very soon after saw Food 52 referenced on CH among other places. The recipe file, community sharing, food photography and articles are so solid and consistent. The recipe you linked looks as good as it (probably) tastes. I downloaded a copy of Evernote some time back specifically for Food 52 clips. The only component to the site I'm not all that gaga over is their fairly new Provisions section but it's hardly a distraction from the rest of the site.

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                Is this the latest remake of "Dawn of the Dead"? This time featuring zombie discussion board threads.... :)

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                  drongo, you've lost me I don't follow your references. Zombie? Dawn of the Dead? What am I missing :)

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                      LOL, thanks Paul..but I was encouraged when chowser picked up my recommendation and ran with it a bit :)

                      Food 52 wasn't around in 2006!

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                        I didn't notice the date, either. I'm glad you picked it up and responded, even though I've spent far too much time there this afternoon.

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                          Most recipe sites allow comments. That includes FN, Chow. Even Allrecipes. Most also allow 'votes'.

                          But I think comments are most useful for identifying problems. If I read a recipe, and suspect a problem, I'll scan the comments to see if others have encountered the same. I've also done that when CH posters complain about recipes not working.

                          Likes and plus votes aren't that valuable. It just means there people who like it. It does not mean that the recipe is great or that I will like it.

                          1. re: paulj

                            Do you think that's what the OP meant when they posted this question? Because I didn't read too much into it. I responded with a site I visit and enjoy as recommendation. It's up to the OP or anyone else to check it out and decide for themselves.

                            While it appears you're focused on the bare bones of a comment section, I look for and value the give & take. I could care less about votes, stars, Recommends and that sort of thing. I read the interaction btwn home cooks discussing the recipes and much is shared about and beyond the recipes.

                            1. re: paulj

                              I'm looking strictly at the recipes and like what I've seen.

                              1. re: chowser

                                Agreed, the recipes are terrific.

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                        I wasn't being critical... I was just amused at a thread 7-years-dead coming back to life. Plus I'm a fan of zombie movies.......

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                          I didn't take it as criticism, drongo. I didn't realize the thread was older and I don't follow zombie movies...so I'm afraid your comments were over my head :)

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                            This happens more often than you'd think....a dead thread comes back to life seemingly out of the blue. I'm wondering if CH software somehow "nudges" an old thread to the top of the Discussion boards to see if someone bites.

                            (dead thread, coming back to life, bites....keeping it in the zombie theme.) ;-)

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                              I think the nudge is exactly what's happening because I didn't surf for it and didn't notice it was older. I found it on the Main CH page and added the comment :)

                              Now I'm back to reading up on zombies.... :)

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                                Often very old threads are revived by new posters, who appear to have found them by way of a general (usually Google) search. For example someone may have noticed that their yogurt contained a type of fish, and horrified by that idea, search the web for 'yogurt and ...'. Having found a Chow thread they register, and add their two cents. I've gotten in the habit of checking the profile of thread revivers.

                                In this case it is possible that some blogger revived this thread to promote their blog, or recipe site. If the mods deleted that account and post, this thread could still remain on the 'latest threads' list, without evidence of how it got there.

                                Old threads can also appear in the 'Discussions You Might Also Like...' sidebar.

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                                  So in this case, since my comment appears immediately following the last comment from 2006, something was added then deleted leaving the OP in play on the main page?

                                  I didn't know that's possible.

                                  1. re: HillJ

                                    Since you didn't search it out, I don't see how else it would have risen to the top.

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                                      Yeah, someone may have been looking for a place to plug their website (or for some other not-allowed reason) and pulled up this thread, and then the Chowteam deleted that post.