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soy sauce storage

it's hard to describe, but i don't like the way soy sauce tastes after the bottle has been open for a while. i have been buying large bottles of it but it seems like it doesn't take long before it gets that funny smell and taste. recenty, i bought a new one and kept it in the fridge instead of pantry, but the same thing happened. i don't think it has gone bad, but it's very different... does anyone know what i mean? thanks.

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  1. I also buy soy sauce in the large (21 oz.) bottles. I always throw away the original bottle cap and replace it with a spare push-pull cap. Then I store it at room temp. I've never noticed the flavor deteriorating after time. But then maybe I'm not that sensitive.

    I'm wondering if it has something to do with the brand you are using. I usually buy Lauriat or Silver Swan which are made in the Philippines.

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      What is a push-pull cap? I've always wondered how to replace the original bottle caps in the big bottles since it seems the originals are always harder to use.

    2. Kikkoman for me - please tell me not French's, or any other brand with hydrolyzed vegetable protein?

      1. it's kikkoman in a plastic bottle -- 1 liter. but i've had smaller ones in glass as well. could it have something to do with the alcohol in it? or maybe i'm just hyper-sensitive to this...
        thanks again for your thoughts!

        1. When I buy soy sauce, I make sure that there are as little additives as possible. The current favored brand is Pearl River Bridge and the type is Mushroom Flavored Superior Dark Soy Sauce.
          The ingredients are:

          Water, soya beans, wheat flour, salt, sugar, mushroom.

          No Sodium Benzoate as a preservative (Kikkoman).

          I do not store my bottle in the fridge but I keep it tightly closed in a cabinet.

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            is the mushroom taste very pronounced or is it just a subtle backround taste? i have heard of but never tried mushroom soy. also what kind of mushrooms do they use?

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              I can't qualify it best because I don't eat mushroom myself :)

          2. FWIW, I opened a 60 ounce container of Pearl River Bridge Light Superior Soy Sauce a few months ago, I store it in a dark place at room temperature, and it still tastes just fine. I've used more than half of it, so the air to product ratio is fairly high, which I'd suspect would promote spoilage but so far, apparently, hasn't.

            1. How long is "not that long"? Nothing I can think of would happen at the same rate in glass and plastic, at room temperature and at refrigerator temps, so I really can't come up with anything. The alcohol shouldn't be a factor, if there's any change over time, it would be to evaporate, not concentrate. And in any event, the amount of alcohol, if present at all, is nearly infinitesmal...

              Guess you just need to buy the smallest bottles you can find and buy it more often. Personally, I don't notice a difference for a couple of months at non-hot room temperature, but after that oxidation can become a problem IMX.

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                a few weeks i think. thanks for the suggestions. maybe i have some freak sensitivity to soy sauce changes, or i'm imagining things. i think you're right, i should just start buying small bottles. it's hard because i love a bargain...

              2. Regarding mushroom soy vs regular kikkoman soy, one is dark soya and one is regular soya. We use regular soy in most dishes, but dark soy for dishes where you want more color and prounounced soy flavor. I like to keep both around for different purposes.

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                  Traditional dark soy sauce has little flavour and is used mostly as a colouring agent in stir fries. Many of the dark soys you see in the supermarket are strictly for western consumption.

                  Mushroom soy sauce is used mainly by Asian vegetarians (e.g. monks) as a replacement for oyster sauce.

                  I find that Kikkoman does indeed change and lose flavour once it's opened. I keep my soy sauces in the fridge, but I find that Kikkoman is one brand that keeps losing flavour rapidly no matter what.