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Aug 31, 2006 07:58 PM

K-Town Takeout, any type of food?

What's good for casual dinner takeout in K-town?

I'm new to the area and haven't been too many places, but a friend offered to pick up takeout and bring it over for a night of movies and truffle rolling (check out the Home Cooking board for a report this weekend).

I love Korean seafood pancakes, bibimbap, and chap chae, and am open to other takeout friendly suggestions. No soups or barbeque, I'm assuming. Nothing expensive, I don't want to put her out too much.

Open to non-Korean suggestions as well.

What are some tasty places and what should we order for four people? She lives close to K-town, but especially close to Luna Park if that helps narrow it down. Actually, how's the take out at Luna Park?

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  1. I really like the homestyle takeout at Maru. (See ).

    1. You should try Beverly Soon Tofu. It's much better than any korean place I've found in SF. I'm not sure if they do take out. But the soondoobu combo with the kalbe hits the spot every time.

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        Hehe, most places in LA are better than any Korean place in SF, but I'll keep Beverly in mind. Soondoobu with a side of kalbi is a favorite combo of mine. Thanks!

      2. Some non-Korean take-out options: Mario's Peruvian (Peruvian seafood and pasta); Makkah Hallal at Vermont around 4th (south Asian); Guelaguetza.

        Most Korean places I go to are BBQ so I don't really think take out is an option.

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          How is the take out experience at Mario's?

          1. re: David Kahn

            I prefer Mario's takeout to eating in...the restaurant has never done much for me on the inside, and half the time I'm sitting right next to the line for food.

        2. Not the best of restaurants but Hodori is good for take-out. They offer a wide variety of dishes - galbi, bulgogi, kimchi pancakes, soups, etc.

          You could always check out the korean markets. Most markets have a small "restaurant" inside. Plus you could check out the banchan section and pick up pre-made dishes.