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Aug 31, 2006 07:54 PM

Who are your Fav Ribbers At Ribfest - Which booth are you going to visit this weekend in Burlington?

For you fellow ribfest attendees, I was just wondering which ribs you think are best at the festival....

My fav's are

1. Billy Bones
2. Gators

I always grab some of their bottles of BBQ sauce too! Yum

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  1. So the tour is in burlington this weekend?
    Hmmm... it may be worth the drive. Anyway, I thought The Purple Pig was a bit overrated. I did like the tenderness pf PP's shorter ribs, but Gator clearly had the better tasting sauce.

    Unfortunately, the full rack I bought from their stand was overcooked which detracted form the full tasty experience.

    1. Went last night, as we have for years. Tried all three of the new participants, and our hands down favourite is Blazin' BBQ. Great pork and beef ribs. Not completley fall off the bone, but I prefer a little texture, and the flavour of both the meat and the sauces were exceptional.

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        thanks...hope to make it out tomorrow...i'll give them a try!