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Aug 31, 2006 07:53 PM

Romantic Dinner at Vibrato Grill Jazz

Hi All ... I'm excited about going to Vibrato's after reading all the reviews. I NEED HELP! My b/f is coming in town and I wanted to take him there. Where is the most romantic table in the restaurant -- somewhere where you can see and hear the music but not be overwhelmed by it and not hear your conversation.

Also, what are the "must haves" on the menu?

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. A favorite two-top I like is along the walkway from the kitchen to the front door, yet has no other tables nearby, and it is the deuce next to the fireplace. Further from the stage, yet not really all that far. Beware that depending on the musicians and demand for viewing of the entertainment, they sometimes allow non-diners to sit on the fireplace hearth during the performance. But by then, you will want to be focusing on the music as everyone else in the place will be doing likewise.

    1. A balcony table upstairs allows you to talk and hear the music.

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        I felt like I was in Siberia upstairs when shown where I might be seated, and asked to be seated downstairs and got the one next to the fireplace - talk about going from ho-hum(my opinion) to wonderful!!!

      2. Hi Carter & Mother Hubbard ... thanks for the replies ... looks like I'll be requesting the table "near the fireplace" when I make my reservations. :) I read about the booths at the back of the room -- did you guys notice them? Thoughts?

        What did you order -- anything that I shouldn't miss?

        Thanks so~o much!

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          Well, the place is operated by the Smith Bros. of Pasadena, operators of the Arroyo Chop House and Parkway Grill, so they really know their way around grill meat, fish and the like, as well as many of the potato sides. All the steaks are prime beef, and they have about 5 varieties. I really like the double lamb chops as well. If you like onion rings and they are on the menu, get them - they are really good.
 is the web site for more info regarding menu, look, etc.

        2. you have to sit in the booth! thats THE most romantic/best place for a couple! its only two tables in this area, and just request it when you make a reservation! its right near the kitchen. i've sat at the table next to the fireplace, its cool, but there was too much traffic. good luck!