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Aug 31, 2006 07:41 PM

Lillie's Noodle House at the Golden Nugget/Downtown Vegas.

I live in Downtown Las Vegas so I am always looking for local places to dine.

I saw an advertisement for Lillie's Noodle House on the back of a taxi cab and liked their graphics so decided to give it a try. My boyfriend and I were at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets doing some shopping and nearly ate at Makino (a seafood and sushi buffet). The place looked too cafeteria style with zero ambience so I suggested Lillie's on a whim.

And ambience is what I got! In spades! It's a gorgeous, gorgeous room and hard to believe that it is actually what serves as the Golden Nugget's sports book during the day. It's dark, moody and sexy in there with red spiral plexiglass modern chandeliers, painted silk tapestries on the wall which change colors with subtle lighting, gold leafed tables, a richly patterned rug and a relaxing waterfall at the entry.

I was pleasantly surprised. He ordered the General Tso's chicken which was perfectly well-made, if a little pedestrian. There were plenty of whole peppers and spices though. The steamed rice which accompanied the chicken was probably one of the best damned steamed rices ever to grace this earth. Fluffy and airy, just like I like it. I had an extremely delicate yellowtail nigiri and a side of bok choy in garlic. The bok choy was substantial and impossible for me to finish alone - I did not expect such a large serving for such a small price ($4.95). We had both hot and iced tea. The hot tea served was a very fragrant jasmine tea jasmine dragon pearl, perhaps?) and the iced tea was nice and crisp unlike the Lipton limp wimpy tea you get at most casino restaurants.

For dessert, we tried the ginger creme brulee topped with giant raspberries, strawberries and a cluster of blueberries. The dessert had a caramelized roof as it should and the creme brulee itself was dreamy with a tiny ginger bite.

I would highly recommend especially for the cosmopolitan, intimate, modern ambience and little details of the restaurant itself. The food is underpriced in my opinion for the quality. This is not top notch Pan-Asian but it is very nice.

The service was fantastic - I really liked our server "Sam", a nice woman from Thailand (the middle, she says) whose beautiful demeanor reminded me very much of the fine people at LOS.

Probably not good for kids unless they're very settled since it's a quiet little room and most definitely, a great place for a first date or romantic night out because it's classy without being showy or pretentious.

Dinner for two including a dessert and no alcohol: $40.01 exactly + tip

Note on the hours: They're only open for dinner from 6:00 PM until around Midnight and closed on Sundays and Mondays.



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  1. I think this must be the new incarnation of Lillie Langtree's. The old menu and decor was half American steak house/half Chinese but I always thought of it as a Chinese restaurant. An awesome Chinese restaurant.

    When I was a kid, I can remember my Mom & Dad planning their trips to Vegas, and a dinner at Lillie Langtree's was a given. Now that I'm all grown up (and then some), I never miss a chance to eat there when I'm in town. I can't wait to try the updated version.

    1. I had the same thought -- that this was successor to Langtree's.
      If the quality holds up, this will be a great find, Poly, because unfortunately, most of the better places in downtown hotels are straight-down-the-middle American restaurants.

      1. It is a promising menu and a nice space, but my one experience with the food there wasn't so great. My wife's "pad Thai" was noodles with Chinese-style little vegetables in Chinese-style cornstarch glop. (We asked the waiter just to make sure that it was, indeed, "their" pad Thai. It was, which reminded me of the George Miller joke about leaving scrap paper with the check and saying that's "my" money.)