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Aug 31, 2006 07:27 PM

Pastrami Redux-Where on the Westside?

I like both deli pastrami ie Langers, Nate n Al's, etc., and the what I will call Johnnie's Pastrami type. Recently, there has been noted disappointment with Johnnie's even by those, like myself, that have always liked their sandwich. So my question is where on the Westside is the best place to get a Johnnie's type of pastrami?

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  1. On the Westside I go to Junior's (gave up on Johnnie's a while ago) but if you want a real treat, go to Max in Sherman Oaks next Monday night when they offer the pastrami sandwhich Andre Guerrero will be serving at The Oinkster when it opens in Eagle Rock next month. It's amazing.

    1. Some people like Hervey's on Palms and Motor for their grilled pastrami, but I liked their philly-style cheesesteak better. They are very friendly, moderately priced, and give fresh-fried fries. I gotta try their rice plates with teriyaki beef -- that looked really good.

      Hate to open myself for scorn, but the best corner-stand-style pastrami, IMO, is from Togo's. Yes, it is microwaved, but it has a good proportion of fat to lean and is tasty without being rubber-bandy, and they serve a generous amound for a very reasonable price.

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      1. re: nosh

        That's Harvey's

        I agree with the kudos for both the cheese pastrami and the cheese steak. I have been going there for 38 years (YIKES!) and although the owners have changed, Harvey's spirit lives on!

        They used to have a sign in the window that read:

        "Cheese pastrami, so big that it actually reaches part way across the table." :) I never thought it as a joke because Harvey's and Mrs. Harvey's english was not that good.

        Always a freindly place with good food.

        1. re: Wes

          I used to enjoy Harvey's a lot too. Does anyone know what the story is with the new owners? Did they sell the place just to retire? Did one of them pass on?

          I remember going there for lunch in the past and getting great cheesesteak sandwiches for about 5 bucks and that included fries and a soda.

          I havent been there for at least 2 or 3 years but after reading these posts I decided to check it out again. I ordered my usual cheesesteak with mushroom and onions with swiss cheese and for the most part things seemed like not much had changed with the exception of Asian cooks and cashiers running things behind the line.

          The food came to $6.70 which seemed acceptable for a large 12" steak sandwich to have increased over 2 or 3 years. But then I realize that was the cost for the sandwich only!!!

          I hadn't even been given a combo! I mean wow, have prices gone up that much? The food is okay but not that great. The pastrami was another dollar more than that!

          Worse yet, I was told I'd have to pay extra if I wanted the swiss or provolone. It seems only the American cheese comes included in the cheesesteak price. I think someone running this place doesn't quite get it. One wonders if they have ever enjoyed the guilty pleasure that comes from diving into the kind of pastrami or cheese steak Harvey's used to serve.

          The food is fine and I see they have added a few Asian dishes but its really not 'Harvey's' anymore. And yet I notice they are still fraudulently using the same slogan 'Since 1960'.

          At what point does a restaurant NOT get to make these kinds of claims anymore? I realize they bought the business and its customer base and probably want to pretend everything is the same but this just left a bad taste in my mouth (no pun intended).

          There oughta be some kinda regulation of these things....sorry for the rant...

          1. re: CNYinLA

            This is the second asian family to run Harvey's since Harvy retired. If you don't recall Asian owners it has been a LOT longer than 2-3 years. Tempus sure does fugit! I'd say >10 years so the price increase is not out of line.

            They have a combo for a lot les than the a la cart. I get the large cheesepastrami combo, Sandwich, fries, and a soda upgraded to a large soda for $8 and some change incl tax.

        2. re: nosh

          Thanks for the tip on Hervey's/Harvey's. Will give them a try.

          Nosh, I'm with you regarding Togo's Pastrami Sandwich -- big, better, tastier and cheaper than Johnnie's and The Hat. I just wish Togo's had some spicy deli mustard instead of the plain yellow mustard.

        3. I've had both, frequently. Togo's pastrami occasionally has the taste cooked out of it. The Hat never does. It's like pulling teeth to get Togo's to leave a little juice with their sandwich. The Hat dips theirs. Always tasty, almost always juicy. The choice is obvious.