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Never been to PANN's, believe it or not!

Can I get the scoop from you pros? What to get, when to go, and where EXACTLY is it? How far south of National. I am near Centinela and Ocean Park. Thank you so much!

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    1. It's up in Inglewood- Centinela curves and zigs and zags around a bit, so it's a bit confusing. Take Centinela to Jefferson, turn left. Stay to the right and take Centinela again. Go past Fox Hills and head up the hill and you'll see Pann's on the left. Quite a few miles south of Centinela and National.....

      1. If you're talking about the Pann's on La Cienega & La Tijera...you've missed nothing. An old "Googie," but that's it.

        Actually, the waffles aren't that bad...

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          I thought the milkshakes were pretty good, but the entrees we had were pretty uninspiring. Not bad, just uninspiring.

          There are better coffee shops for food, but the architecture of this one makes it worth one visit.

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            have to respectfully disagree.
            the waffle was no better than the ones that can be found in the freezer case at the local food for less.
            the milkshake was awful--very little butterfat, and reeking of artificial flavor. (the milkshake at the counter is much better)
            the grilled cheese sandwich was charred.
            we left almost all of our food on the plates and fled panns; went to dinah's where we got one of their baked apple pancakes.

          2. Just a down to earth coffee shop.

            No real magic, here.

            Look at menu, find something that appeals and order it.

            Chicken Fried Steak is generally pretty good, as is the fried chicken. I also like their biscuits and gravy and the open-faced turkey sandwich.


            1. Their patty melt was outstanding if that's something that you would be interested in.

              1. As someone who likes Pann's, I'll agree that if you expect too much you'll be disappointed -- for me it is a neighborhood place, but it wouldn't be destination dining. The chicken wings are good.

                1. Trivia: In the movie "Little Miss Sunshine", the family is at a diner and the menus say "Pann's". The scene may very well have been shot at Pann's, but I only went once (at night), so I can't be sure.

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                    Odder yet, the family breakfasting at Pann's in that movie are ostensibly traveling *to* Southern California from out of state, leaving the audience to conclude that Pann's is in Arizona or whatever state from which they are initiating their journey... As for Pann's chow, dining there is like sipping a Coca Cola from the old greenish glass bottles; no one considers Coca Cola a beverage revelation anymore, but it sure does taste better from those small glass bottles. And breakfast in a real Googie diner tastes, well, authentic. Heartburn can be so retro, sometimes :-)

                  2. Oh, come on - the food at Pann's is really good diner food and the place should be in the architectural review it's so cool. I would definitely call it a destination restaurant for the atmosphere alone. The pork chop is great as are the egg/breakfast dishes - particularly anything with the country ham. If you go expecting diner food you won't be let down.

                    1. How early does one need to get there to miss the crowds on a weekend morning?

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                        Hi David.. I can't comment on how early to get here on the weekend, but I can say that getting there much *later* on a weekend day is also an alternative. We happened upon Pann's one Sunday afternoon at around 2:30 p.m., and it appeared that the large rush of post-church patrons had all but cleared out. By 3:00 p.m., the place was half empty. So, if one can stave off breakfast hunger till mid-afternoon on weekends, that might be an option too...