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Does anyone remember this candy bar?

I've asked many people about this over the years, and no one has any recollection of it, but here goes: a solid chocolate bar made up of three thin layers - one milk, one dark, and one white. I don't remember eating it past the age of six, so this would've been in the mid- to late sixties. The name or even a shared memory would be great.


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  1. That would be Nestle's Triple Decker.

    I say it's time for a comeback!

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      A lifetime of wondering, and now an answer in less than five minutes. Thank you!

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        What did you expect? This IS Chowhound after all. :)

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        YES! a TRIPLE YES YES YES It was by far the best, I was about 15 and this was such a favorite of mine, and then gone..just like everything else I like, they discontinue making it..I have searched all over and e-mailed Nestles too. so far nothing. if nothing else maybe they should start making them again..good idea PLEASE

      3. The Vermont Country Store carries a lot of past and forgotten candy bars and even has a service where they will contact the maker on their customer's behalf. I don't know if they carry this one, but it may be worth a try.


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          If they have it, it's probably quite stale. They stopped making them in the early '70s I believe.

          They really were very delicious though. Nestle? Are you listening?

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            THANK YOU for providing the link and telling about the Vermont Country store. I linked to it and found the Double Decker Bars that have been impossible for me to find anywhere at a reasonable price! You've made someone very happy!!

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              This is quite sad. They were really delicious.

            2. A close modern equivalent is the Cadbury Dairy Milk Top Deck. Described on the Cadbury (Australia) web site as "Cadbury 'Dairy Milk' Milk Chocolate with a layer of creamy white chocolate on the top deck. This block has a much more creamy taste and texture than pure 'Dairy Milk' chocolate."

              Unfortunately, according to the Cadbury-Schweppes web site:
              "The brand Cadbury Top Deck is not sold via a Cadbury Schweppes owned business unit in USA, but it is available in Japan, China, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, Ireland." There are a number of UK, South Africa, and Australia ex-pat food importers in the US who will sell them mail order.

              Good luck.

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                But it doesn't have dark chocolate! It was the bitter/creamy/sweat combo that made the Triple Decker Bar great.

                Cadbury also has a "triple" bar, but it's got milk chocolate, white chocolate, and some sort of hideous strawberry concoction. Bleh.

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                  There are stores all over the US that sell Cadbury's chocolate. Real, made in England stuff and not under license by Hershey. But, these stores will sell only the most popular (and usually old school) chocolates. E.g., Dairy Milk, Milky Bar, Aero, Malteasers, Flake, etc. They are worth a shot though.


                2. A similar candy bar was the "7 Up" bar. Came in at least two forms. Both were like seven different chocolate covered candy pieces all stuck together, horizontally. I remember dark chocolate covering, vanilla and maple creams, an orange gel, a brazil nut and some times cocoanut. Some versions were sans the cocoanut. I wonder if someone still makes them. Time for google-ing.

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                    What you're describing sounds similar to a Sky Bar. The Triple Decker had three thin layers of chocolate stacked on top of one another.

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                      I just checked with www.hometownfavorites.com, a company that specializes in finding nostalgic candy products. Sad to say, the triple decker bar is on their "we tried to get it, but it's no longer made" list. Same with the 7-Up bar. I remember that one, too, but any site that mentions it offers the SkyBar as an alternative.

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                        Oh, well, thanks for checking.

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                        Oh my gosh, Sky Bars!! That was my very, very favorite candy bar!!! I hadn't seen it in years, and then a few years ago I walked into a Gelato and candy store that opened up in Sarasota, and there it was. A bit more costly then many years ago, but just as good!!

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                        7-Up bars were one of my very favorites when I was a child.

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                          7 Up bars are, alas, no longer being produced last time I checked. Petersens, a candy company in the Minneapolis area, made them. I remember both a milk chocolate and a dark chocolate version but cannot recall all seven fillings in either one - the assortments were slightly different I think. They were in the vending machines my freshman year in college (mid 1970s), and brightened up my study breaks. Wish they still made them!

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                            Pearson's (not Peterson's) in St. Paul.

                            According to this timeline, they say they sold all of the equipment for the 7-up bar to an "unknown" bottling company in 1979. In other words, there was a trademark problem with the name: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pearson&...



                        2. YESSS!!!! Please, I have an advanced doctorate in eating skybars and triple decker bars. Whenever my mom took little me on her Very Boring Treks to Ohrbach's, (a now defunct department store) I spent my time in the Ohrmat (a vending machine/microwave area)
                          eating Skybars, Nestle's triple deckers or both. I have searched far and wide for the triple decker, but for some sad reason, production was stopped. I believe that we can start a re-production movement, though...
                          P.S. I do believe it is politically incorrect that other countries get better chocolate options than we in the US do..

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                            The grass is always greener ... one of my English cousins laments the difficulty of getting a Reese's peanut butter cup in England. I have to bring him a supply when I go. My littler cousins feel the same way about Reese's pieces.

                            1. re: Ruth Lafler

                              If you are near a Trader Joe's, check out their peanut butter cups. To my tastebuds a much better quality peanut butter cup than the Reese's one. I don't like TJ's mini peanut butter cups though.

                            2. re: BluAngel

                              I didn't know that Ohrbach's had an Ohrmat...I just remember the dressing rooms for all to see and know!

                            3. I remember it, too, from the early 60's and loved it. I keep thinking I'll try to approximate it at home by fusing some chocolate bars together somehow.

                              Until finding this site, I was beginning to think I had imagined the triple decker bar - so many years ago..... Anyway, it's one of the few things I miss from childhood besides Turkish Taffy (the alternative offered by Hometown Favorites is nowhere near the real thing), and Fizzies.

                              1. Until posting this query, I thought I'd imagined it too because no one in my life remembers it, and it's such a very early memory. But now that I know it's a Nestle product, I can almost remember the (blue and white?) wrapper as well.

                                1. Hey!

                                  This is too funny. I was thinking about this candybar today and was searching online and found your blog.

                                  I remember this candy bar, and it was one of my favorites. I was five years old, so it must have been in 1971. A friend of the family worked for the candy company and brought a whole box over. I forgot about the second layer of chocolate. I just remember the regular milk chocolate and the white chocolate (which is my favorite).

                                  Hope you have a wonderful New Years and I'm glad that someone else remembers that wonderful candy!

                                  1. I confess I loved Sky Bars as a child! Hadn't thought about them in ages...now I must have one.

                                    1. Wow, I have wondered myself,what happened to the Triple Decker.It was an awesome candy bar.A very nice custodian we had in the hospital where I worked, used to bring those to the people who worked evening shift ( I was lucky enough to work evenings!).Then, suddenly, he quit bringing them and told us he couldn't find them anymore! What a bummer that was! I just recently emailed Nestle' and found this website last night.Happy to find that there are more "Triple Decker" lovers out there!

                                      1. I was just mentioning triple decker bars to my co-worker, and found this site. I LOVED them! The closest I have come is Drostes pastilles. They have one that is half-milk, half-dark, and one that is half-milk, half-white. You take one of each, put them together, and them eat them both at once.

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                                        1. re: Rona

                                          Thanks for reminding me about these - my best childhood friend and I used to LOVE them.

                                        2. I'm wishing for a Milkshake bar... They were sold frozen on a stick on the beaches in SoCal some 35 years ago.

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                                            Frozen at midwestern pool snack bars as well!

                                          2. If there are that many people who loved the candy bar as I did, why don't we try to get Nestle to re-issue it again. maybe this time it would be a gourmet hit! any suggestions?

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                                              If you guys remember the Triple Decker, who also remembers the Marathon Bar....it was about a foot long, braided caramel and covered in chocolate? Along with Wacky Packs, Topps Flying Things and those orange wax harmonicas that you got on Halloween that everyone would walk around and play and you'd hear them coming in the dark on Halloween night. LOL I miss those good 'ole days!

                                              1. re: duckydevine

                                                that marathon bar sounds like something we used to get as kids called a "Wig-wag" bar.

                                                1. re: duckydevine

                                                  The Marathon bar was awesome! I would always get it because it was the BIGGEST! I thought that I knew something that no one else knew....Why wasn't everyone getting the Marathon I wondered? It was the biggest bar in the store!
                                                  BTW, I still have my Wacky Packs!

                                                  1. re: duckydevine

                                                    There's a British version currently available in gourmet or Brit shoppes and online, it's the same thing as Marathon, called a Whirley-somethingorother. If you want a Marathon this import is out there!

                                                2. I know I'm way late on this blog with this topic, but I've been trying like mad to find any information on a candy bar I also remember as a kid around the same time as that Nestles Triple bar you just mentioned......does ANYONE out there remember the 50/50 bar, it was I believe a stacked milk and white chocolate bar or something to that effect. I know it existed and in fact, I was watching a movie once where someone (a black actor like Will Smith or Martin Lawrence) was sitting in the front seat of a truck with 2 white guys and he says "I feel like a 50-50 bar" - can't even remember what movie that was from. Anyway, I've been trying to Google it for years and never can find anything about it, other than a diet 50/Fifty bar that comes up sometimes. That's not it! Anyone who recalls it and has more details about it, I'd love to hear from you to help solve the mystery. Thanks!

                                                  1. I'm waay behind on this, and doubt if anyone is even here any more, however The last time I had a triple decker was in 1966, my senior year in High School. That and a pint of milk ws my lunch so that I could save money for date night. Yes, I agree it was the best candy bar ever, I've even tried to some success in duplicating it. It ain't pretty, but it tastes almost as good.
                                                    For those in the Los Angeles area, another treat was the Helms Brownie, haven't had any luck in making that. Nestles has had several products that I thought were great, but they aren't on the market anymore.

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                                                      Helms Bakery Trucks!!! I can remember they were like ice cream trucks, with DONUTS!!! And that I got little baking soda scuba divers to play in the tub with from him!

                                                    2. This is really weird, I have been asking the same question of many people and no one remembers this bar. I asked someone my age today, 53, and he did not remember either. I decided to finally check on the web and found your comment about this. Wasn't the bar kind of pyramid shaped as well?

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                                                        Best I can recall the bar was a 4" by 3" rectangle that was beveled like a table top. It had dark chocolate on the bottom, white chocolate in the center and milk chocolate on top. I think wrapper was a combo of red, white and blue ... but it's been so long I could be mistaken. It used to be my candy of choice when I was a young kid. The marathon bar was also a huge favorite. Back then full size candy bars were only a nickel. During halloween I could literally fill two pillow cases before the night was over. I did a google search on the Nestles triple decker bar and stumbled on this website in the process. I hope they bring it back even if it's just a limited promotion, I could use a little blast from the past.

                                                        1. re: jhhb

                                                          I've been jonesing for this bar for about a year now!! I can remember having a quarter in my mitten for after school. We stopped at the drug store on the way home and got Charms Blo-Pops, Jolly Rancher hard candy (when you bought a 4-inch strip of it for a nickel), and my beloved Triple Decker Bars. Someone's got to start up a petition and send it off to Nestle!!

                                                        2. re: bettsman

                                                          they were not in a pyramid shape. they were just a 4x3 bar of tripe chocolate. milk chocolate with the white in the middle and the dark on the bottom, I'm 60 so they would have been out around the early 1960's. they were so good. come on Nestle and do them again, heck I think they would be super good if Dove would do something like this. maybe I will write them and suggest it. they make the best chocolate now a days. nestle is not creamy, and a little bitter now. Bliss is a good one for white chocolate. just say'n

                                                        3. I was around 12 so it was 1972 and My brother in law worked for Nestles as a salesman. He would bring us lots of candy and the triple decker bar was one of my favorites. They had a mascot name Hauns I think. He was a little old fella with an accent. Nestles even had a watch with his face on it and his eyes would look left and right with each second.

                                                          1. I remember the Nestle's Triple Decker (although I had forgotten the name of it until Bostonbob3 supplied it). The white chocolate (which I generally disdain) made it creamy and the dark chocolate part seemed harder than the milk chocolate part, giving the bar a nice texture. Also, it did not seem cloyingly sweet, probably due to the dark chocolate part. All in all, it was a superior candy bar. Ivecch, the late sixties seems about right to me, too. After that, I don't remember seeing it.

                                                            Incidentally, I have bemoaned for years the passing of the Bounty bar, which was a sort of superior Mounds bar. It was superior because it had a much thicker chocolate coating, which kept the coconut inside much more moist and chewy. None of my friends even remembered this bar, which was on the market for only a couple of years before it disappeared. Recently, I took my first trip to Europe and, to my delight, found that Bounty bars are all over the place in Germany!

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                                                              I couldn't believe it when I googled the triple decker candy bar and found so many people looking for it. It was an all time favorite of mine in the early 70's, I was in the hospital a lot during that time and that was a vending machine item. I was never able to find it in the store, but have always looked when I went into an oldie candy store. I think Nestle should think seriously about coming back with it. They are doing so much with dark chocolate now, and I'm sure this would go over more now. I've ask over the years if people had seen this, and it seems no one remembers it, but I'll never forget it, I think that is what started me eating dark chocolate more. If any one does start a petition or contact Nestle on this, add my name to the list.

                                                              1. re: gfr1111

                                                                Bounty bars are all over the place in Canada, too! They are my mom's favourite. Mounds do not exist here except in import stores.

                                                                1. re: gfr1111

                                                                  Bounty bars are made by Mars, Inc. They tried to introduce them in the US a few times over the past 25 years but they couldn't compete with Mounds. Yes, they are much better than Mounds. They are sold in other countries and you can sometimes find them in import stores in or some supermarkets. I have found them in Stop n Shop on the east coast.

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                                                                    Bounty bars are widely available in my area (Brooklyn NY) -- even in delis. I'm sure you could find them online or any Brit specialty place

                                                                  2. Often I have mentioned the Triple Decker Bar and nobody seems to remember it. It is great to find so many here that remember it and also would like to see it come back. I did not remember that it was a Nestle product. There is a show on the Food Channel that is hosted by a Marc Summers (sp?) and they have shown the company that makes things like Sky Bars and other favorites of old. Let's set one day and get everyone you know to send Nestle an email asking for the return of the Triple Decker. Get some press for doing it and if they don't make it again, then perhaps someone will.

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                                                                      YeS, I Remember ThE TriplE DecKer CandY Bar. It Was around 1962-63,
                                                                      When I FiRsT had One. I DoN'T Remember having any after about 1967,
                                                                      and I LivE In Lima, Ohio. I Remember LookinG FoR Them, in 1970, and for several Years AfteR, But NEVER Did find any more of them. TheY werE TRULY ThE BEST CanDY BaR, I EVER Had,---Hands Down,---PerioD!!!!!!

                                                                    2. As soon as I read this it sounded familiar... it took a while but now I remember where I had something like this. There's a chocolate in Thornton's classic collection that is this candy bar. However, Thornton's is like the British Godiva- I'm not sure how you'd get that over here. Maybe Godiva has it, too? After a quick glance at the Godiva website I didn't see it, but maybe a better hunter would find it. Here's a link to the Thornton's website (I know I'm not much help...)- there's a picture of this morsel.


                                                                      It's called the "Layered Chocolate Classic"

                                                                      1. I remember those! But they've been discontinued. I finally created a substitute recipe. I get one 12-oz package each of milk, white, and dark chocolate chips (or some equivalent in bar versions) and then melt each one, one at a time, and spread in a very lightly oiled pan. I try to add the next layers when the ones beneath are still slightly warm so the layers stick together better, and then I cut them into squares before they completely cool. I still haven't has 100% success keeping the layers stuck together when I cut them though, and I'm open to suggestions on that point.

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                                                                        1. re: ermyntrude

                                                                          Yes the Triple decker bar,one of my favorites as a kid. I just orderd a Cadbury three wishes bar,it looks very close to the original.Has anyone else tried one?

                                                                          1. re: Rallybar

                                                                            This looks good, but I only see it on sites based in Australia and New Zealand.

                                                                          2. re: ermyntrude

                                                                            Hmm...maybe roughen the top of the layer before you pour on the next? Scrape with a fork or something. It wouldn't look as pretty, but it might help it stick better.

                                                                          3. another favorite of mine that is long lost is the PB Max...I loved those.

                                                                            1. Yes, I remember the Triple Decker, but had forgtten its name.

                                                                              There is a place called "SweetNostalgia" that offers THEIR version of this candy. I haven't tried it and it says they are out of stock.


                                                                              Thanks to everyone for giving me good memories of this old favorite!! I registered just so I could post to this thread!

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                                                                              1. re: Scottish_Knight

                                                                                It's July now, and they're still - or again - out of stock. Unfortunate; this looks like it could be a nice substitue.

                                                                                1. re: lvecch

                                                                                  I remember this being available in the late 1960's at either Walgreens or Woolworth...my memory of the white layer is that it was not as creamy smooth as the milk and dark chocolate. I'm sure this led to my fondness of "Forever Yours" bars aka "Milky Way Midnight" aka "Milky Way Dark" which has finally been around for a while now. I like the first name best.
                                                                                  I also remember the Seven-Up bar--chocolate is different in Skybars (my husband's favorite and available at Cracker Barrel).
                                                                                  Let's flood Nestle's with e-mails!!!

                                                                              2. I remember the triple decker bar in the late 1960's. I purchased them at Walgreen's or Woolworth...loved them as they were about the only candy with dark chocolate. Seems to me the white was not chocolate but more of a creame--at least my memory of it was not as smooth as the chocolate was.
                                                                                I'm sure this led to my fondness of Forever Yours bars aka Milky Way Midnight aka Milky Way Dark...And lets bombard Nestle's with e-mail about the Triple Decker...

                                                                                1. Cadbury in Australia had three wishes chocolate out for a while. That was milk, dark and white choc in layers...I didn't realise they'd copied it from Nestle a few years earlier.

                                                                                  1. There's now M&Ms Premiums in Triple Chocolate. I haven't found these yet, but I'm intrigued.

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                                                                                    1. re: lvecch

                                                                                      I don't even know if you can get those here...I try and avoid chocolate, and if I find a new one I have to try it. For research purposes of course!!

                                                                                    2. I sure do love Nestle's Aero Bar. Unfortunately, they're almost impossible to find in The States. I have seen them in World Market occasionally, and never fail to snap one up.

                                                                                      1. ive found a cadburys triple decker.is it the same?

                                                                                        1. Oh my gosh i knew i wasn't crazy but nobody i know remember it!

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                                                                                          1. re: klanham

                                                                                            I loved that candy bar and think of it often.
                                                                                            No one mentioned something else that I remember. It was a dime when all other bars were a nickel! ;-)

                                                                                            1. re: imnokid

                                                                                              Just a quick question. I am 28 years old and my best friend of 22 years is driving me crazy about a candybar we ate in the late 80's-early 90's in perhaps a turquoise wrapper that has chocolate chips. I will take any ideas and run with them. I have searched everywhere for the answer, and she is set on finding the name of this beloved candy. Thanks

                                                                                          2. Finally I have found someone else who remembers this candy bar!! I too have asked people for years and no one remembered it. I loved this candy bar it was my favorite, I don't know what company even make it, but it was the best!! Yes, it was in the 60's!!

                                                                                            1. I remember them. They were in rectangles. There were about 4 in each pkg.

                                                                                              1. Ok, I was just talking about Triple Deckers 2 days ago! That was one of my favs, along with the seven up bar. How many of you took the time, as I did, to carefully split the three layers? Damn! those were so good!
                                                                                                7 Up bars, now, I always threw away the orange jelly part. YuK! I'd probably love it now.

                                                                                                1. I realise this is an old post, but I wanted to thank those here who contributed.

                                                                                                  I too have been searching all my life for a chocolate bar like one I remembered tasting back in 1964 here in Brisbane Australia. I had always thought it was called Small's checkmate, but I never could find anything on the 'net about any such thing. I'm guessing because I was too young to read at the time I never did know what it was really called and just came up with my own name for it.

                                                                                                  I now realise that it MUST have been a Nestle's Triple Decker.

                                                                                                  I only ever tasted that one piece that one time, but I can still remember how delicious it was and also the unique aroma.

                                                                                                  Like others, I wish somebody would bring it back.

                                                                                                  The closest I've ever come to recreating the nostalgia is by eating a piece of dark chocolate with a piece of Cadbury's Top Deck.