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Late Night Eats in NOLA

Where can one get some grub after midnight in this town? It's strange that with the amount of bars that stay open until the early hours, that there isn't more places that serve food just as late. Any suggestions?

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  1. I like Clover Grill.

    Uptown, the Delachaise's kitchen stays open late.

    It is amazing how little late-night food there is in this city.

    1. Port of Call near the French Quarter is open until midnight and is great to follow up a night out. Location - 838 Esplanade Ave, (504) 523-0120. They have pizza/hamburgers/loaded baked potatoes/salads. The hamburger and baked potato combo is delicious!

      Dough Bowl Pizza -- there's a window to the street by the Boot (on Broadway near Willow) that serves pizza til around 2 am.

      1. I think that the Crepes a la Cart stand right by the Boot is also open pretty late on the weekends...the nutella crepe rocks.

        1. Anita's Grill on Tulane just opened and is open 24 hrs. Standard diner fare.

          1. Mimi's in the Marigny-- kitchen is open until 4 am.

            Wasabi used to be open until 3, don't know the current schedule. Tokyo Bistro used to be open late on the weekends, again, you'll have to check their current schedule.

            1. I recently had a few late night treats: a wonderful goat cheese stuffed zucchini blossom at Delachaise and manchego toast (with mushrooms) at Mimi's in the Marigny. These places are a cut above in terms of late eats.

              1. i agree about delachaise being a great spot. for a full fledged meal with tablecloths and waiters i found la boca the new steakhouse in the warehouse district opened till midnight on weekends. yummy! the bombay club in the quarter used to stay open late before you know who.

                1. How about delivery? Any places deliver late? And thanks for all the wonderful suggestions...

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                    My mainstay for really late is Coop's.

                    Here's a link with some pretty good info.


                    Verti Mart has wonderful delivery food. It used to be open 24 hours. Post Katrina, I'm not sure.

                  2. Coop's is my favorite late-night spot.

                    1. Don't go to Delachaise, the food is o.k., but the service is not.
                      Mimi's is MUCH better on both points.
                      Coop's is is down home cookin' and is on my list no matter what time it is.
                      I hear the La Crepe Nanou is open late on weekends, If this is true, we are blessed!

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                        I already put in a good word for Delchaise, so it's clear I disagree with Moxypoxy on this one.

                        I've also never been impressed with Mimi's. The tapas I've tasted have always been uninspiring.

                        La Crepe Nanou is a new option. On Friday and Saturday, they're running a late night menu from 10pm-2am. It includes mussels.

                      2. did the St Charles Tavern come back?? I used to eat there all the time after getting off work. Best late night cheeseburger and soda.. or better yet as someone mentioned Clover Grill in the Quarter. I haven't been to New Orleans since I moved in 98, so getting my husband to take me back to visit is even harder now..

                        1. Angeli's on lower Decatur is always good. They serve late, especially on weekends (3 AM?). Coop's is nasty and inedible. Mojo, also on lower Decatur serves until at least midnight, I believe.