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Aug 31, 2006 06:46 PM

Dinner with 2 grown foodies and a 1 year old

We don't have kids, so I'm afraid I have no frame of reference here. We have some foodie friends and their child staying with us this weekend. Where can we take them for a nice dinner and a good environment for the kiddo?


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  1. You haven't said what part of town you prefer, but you might want to consider Landmarc. While I haven't been there, I've read many posts that indicate the food's solid, and they are welcoming to little ones.

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      ditto landmarc - it's this weird combination of great unpretentious food, gorgeous young folks, professional staff, and heaps of families in the mix. i do believe there's a kid's menu too.

      a second suggestion is otto. a lovely, extensive wine list, decent prices, and still kid friendly (the specials of the day are all named after the owners' children.)

    2. Oh, whoops. We live in the village, so downtown is preferable. Thanks for the replies.

      1. landmarc is fantastic. I agree.

        Amazing place - just be warned they take no reservations, and I've waited 2 hours, had a drink at the nearby brandy library, so either go early (before 8) or....with kids I don't think waiting is an optin

        1. Landmark is nice.

          Would also suggest Lupa. Food is great and the place can be noisy / busy enough that a one year old can fit right in.

          1. We have a 9-month old and we LOVE Otto... It's especially good at off-hours: mid-afternoon, early dinner, etc.