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Aug 31, 2006 06:43 PM

Salvador Mali's?

I can't find any info on them online, but used to enjoy eating there in college. They were somewhere in SW. Still there?

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  1. It's Salvador Molly's.

    They have a couple locations, plus do the farmers markets.

      1. I went to the southwest location when in Portland two week's ago and it was great! We have wanted to go the last 2 times we were in Portland but missed out and it was worth the wait! teh tamales were good and the coconut rice that comes as a side is excellent. Fun, cheap, not gourmet but decent. You would think that a city the size of Vancouver would have something similar but sadly no. I love Portland dining! Also ate at Nicholas' (wonderful!) Papa Hayden (lesss than wonderful- seafood in salad was off but desert lived up to expectations)and the Cameo Cafe (also good. Thats my rant about the great options in portland- wonderful city with so many great options!