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Aug 31, 2006 06:28 PM

Good sushi in Woburn area?

I did a search but didn't see anything recent. I've been to a few "decent" places; Kyotoya, Sato II and Sushi Cafe but no real stand outs (I'd have to say that Koyotoya is my preferred of the three). Do you know if there are some other chooices in the area that I'm missing out on? I work in Woburn, so this primarily for lunch.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Would Sushi Island in Wakefield be too far from you? That's my go to sushi place in the area. Excellent quality, professional chef, somewhat reasonable prices. The pieces are smaller than what I've seen in the US, but on par with sushi joints in Japan.

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      Sushi Island was suggested in several of the older posts I saw, but I wasn't sure of it's current status. Coincidently I saw Sushi Island yesterday during a Chowhound reccomended lunch adventure to Zaleks.

      Thanks for the tip

      1. re: gini

        Sushi Island...yum! My parents live north of the city and that is their favorite spot for sushi. I'm not sure if they still do it, but they used to have great live jazz on the weekends - adds a nice touch to a delicious dinner.

      2. Here's a third rec for Sushi Island. The live jazz is especially nice and the sushi has never disappointed me.

        1. Yes, Sushi Island is my fave as well. There's also Sushi Corner in Melrose. The owner/chef was trained at Sushi Island, I've been told. It's less expensive and the fish is good but also less artistic than the sushi I've gotten at Sushi Island. One thing that bugs me at Sushi Corner- I really love Ume Shiso rolls and they don't use shiso leaves in them like they do at Sushi Island and at pretty much every place I've gotten them. They say the Ume paste has shiso in it but it's not the same.

          1. Curse you all for your reccomendations and praise of Shushi Island. I went today for lunch and it was wonderful. I had miso soup (I think its a law, you have to) Maguro, Hamachi, Bincho Maguro (white/albacore tuna my current fave), the wasabi tobiko and the Saba Shiso roll (mackeral, shiso and pickled burdock)

            First off this was clearly superior to my usual sushi lunch rotation. Feeling a little adventurous, I tried the wasabi tobiko, I had read about it but never tried it. It was as though I made a cruel bet with myself, hundreds of explosions of pain in every bite, I was sweating, next time I'll save a few bucks and just pop the lump of wasabi which comes with the sushi down my throat. Actually, I'm pretty much a wimp, I was (falsely) under the impression it would be more tobiko-like with just the essence of wasabi, boy was I wrong about that and perhaps my palate isn't refined enough to discern the saltiness and the heat. I'm sure this is a wonderful choice for those who can take the heat it just wasn't what I was expecting.

            The Saba Shiso roll was unlike anything I ever tasted in sushi (and I consider myself fairly well rounded). The shiso had the most distict and unique flavor, the picked budock added a refreshing crunch, a texture I'm unaccostomed to in eating sushi. The Maguro and Hamachi were very good and the Albacore was, dare I say, otherworldly, sooo smooth and buttery.

            I really liked this place but it is a bit of a haul and a little pricier (but worth it) than my usual sushi lunch suspects, but I'll be back, just not as often as I'd like. Another excellent reccomendation from the Hounds, thanks very much.