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Aug 31, 2006 06:09 PM

Organic/health food type places in Pinellas/Tampa

Lately my wife and I have been interested in eating more organic and healthy foods and I was wondering if there are any upscale quality whole foods/organic/vegetarian type restaurants in Pinellas or Tampa. I'm looking for more than a health food store cafeteria; Kinda looking for something like might be found in some more progressive communities around the country. Anyone know of anyplace like that?

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  1. You might try Rollin Oats. They have a small restaurant in the store. They are expanding right now and I don't know if that includes the restaurant.
    Rollin' Oats Located at: 2842 Dr Martin Luther King, St. Petersburg,

    1. There is a cafeteria in Wild Oats on Dale Mabry Highway at Interstate 275.

      1. Nature's Harvest grocery store on MacDill Avenue in Tampa has a vegan food counter in the back of the store with a few tables and chairs. The very best place, the Natural Kitchen, closed a year or more ago after at least 20 yrs. on Kennedy Blvd. It was really wonderful, with fabulous hot dishes, desserts, lunch specials, great sandwiches, everything was yummy. And, just like you wanted, it was a sit down place with some charm and class. They had a pumpkin cheesecake that was to die for. But it's gone now and I don't know anyplace else that compares, sadly. Good luck.

        1. Is the NK Cafe on Kennedy still open? That's the only organic/health restaurant I remember. Benjarong Thai on N. Dale Mabry has a macrobiotic menu.

          I know you don't want health food store cafeteria, but I still recommend Abby's on N. Dale Mabry. They have great prepared food. Cooking classes every other Saturday if you want to learn some of their recipes or technique.

          1. I really hope this mindset expands in the Tampa Bay area. It has been a really great thing I have learned to appreciate the last 7 years living here in Portland. We are looking forward to so many things about moving to St. Pete but we will really miss some aspects of the dining scene! Here's hoping to more adventurous and healthy eating establishments!