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Aug 31, 2006 06:02 PM

CSA farms in GTA

Hello All,

I was thinking about trying this out (after talking to friends in the U.S. who swear by their weekly boxes). After poking around a little online I thought ... ask here.

I'd love to find a place that did something along the lines of a 1/2 share but I can always split a full share with the parents and such. I wanted to find a place that had delivery in the city (well, North York really) as my access to a car is sporadic.

For those who havent heard of this...

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  1. I don't know of any places that offer an actual CSA situation, but there are a few organics delivery services. I use WoW ( because they are the only one of the many that deliver to my part of North York (Downsview). Depending on where you are in North York, you may find yourself with other options, as well. WoW does offer a local sources only box, I believe, in the summer.

    There is also: -> You have to pick this up somewhere in your neighbourhood. It's not organics, focused more on local.

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      On the wow website where it is listing the contents of the box, and it says "per 1", does that mean that there is one apple in the box? one pear? i'm assuming not for the price, but please clarify!

      1. re: ddelicious

        I think that's messy on their website. Usually I get 3-4 apples in a box, for example, and I get a small.

        I think what's happening is that they have these charts in the newsletter that say Food - Unit - Quantity. I think the 'per 1' you're seeing there is the Unit, and translates to 'each', and you're not seeing the quantity, which changes depending on the size of the box. Just bad translation from print to web.

    2. I get my 1/2 share from...

      Simpler Thyme Organic Farm,
      1749 Hwy #6 RR#2, Hamilton
      L8N 2Z7, 905-659-1576

      They do winter boxes and summer boxes. However, they only deliver to the Hamilton, Burlington areas. But if you can get in on it with a few friends (as I do), you can arrange to have someone pick it up for you. You could perhaps offer them something from your box in payment or pay for gas money.

      1. chick-a-biddy (i think that's the name) delivers to two drop-off locations in toronto. the farm is in peterborough, and my friend who lives in the area raves about their produce. they have a website with all the info on prices, what's typical in a box, and toronto drop-off locations.

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        1. re: Kasia

          Here is the website

          Looking at the Foodshare website listed above, they do have organic boxes, which actually seem more focussed on local produce than the regular box.

        2. Plan B Organic farms will deliver to a depot on Roncesvalles, they don't do winter delivery in Toronto. They usually have a booth at the Riverdale Farmer's Market and when I used to go to that market their produce was quite good.

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