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Aug 31, 2006 05:53 PM

Merged Boards

I like the new layout of the site, but PLEASE separate Toronto from the rest of Ontario for the message boards!

Ever since the merge, all I find are people typing up Toronto street names and not specifying Toronto and it's really confusing. It's also annoying when I'm trying to search for a keyword and get all Toronto results.

Anyone else having these kinds of problems? Or is just the complaining me?

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  1. You know, its better than it was before - when posts on the Toronto boards about weekend destinations outside the city got booted to the "Canada" board. If we split Toronto from Other Ontario, that problem would start to arise again, since people tend to want to post about everything on their home board.

    This is the sort of situation that folks can come to deal with informally by being sure to put a city reference in their title line if they are posting outside the main urban area for example. Dont you assume its Toronto now if there is only a street or neighborhood reference? All it takes is some leadership and a new posting style emerges.

    Im sure the team will address this if it continues to crop up along with all of the regional retinkering they need to do.

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