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Aug 31, 2006 05:35 PM

Scott's (Oakland) - What Would You Recommend?

I've a dinner party to go to at Scott's at Jack London Square. Never been there before. Can someone suggest 3-4 items on the menu? Appetizers/Soups/Entrees?

Thanks in Advance,


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  1. That's part of the Restaurants Unlimited chain. Best to stick to simple grilled salmon or steak. Anything involving combining ingredients is dangerous.

    1. The raspberry jack for dessert. In the past, I have enjoyed the fried calamari dinner but served as an app.

      1. My last two visits to the Scott's in Palo Alto were very disappointing. Fish not cooked correctly and/or serious problems with service. They will be my last two visits. Not sure about JLS location.

        1. They do have a talent for mucking things up. My approach at places like this (and the old Spengers) is to order shrimp or crab louis. If they don't have to cook it, it's harder for them to destroy it.