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Aug 31, 2006 05:27 PM

Anniversary Meal

Well, my wedding anniversary is coming up fast (a week away) and the wife has requested that we go out to eat without the kids. She doesn't want our usual places (mostly ethics and hole in the wall type places: last two dine out places were A&J and TECC).

She wants a place with "ambiance and a view". Any suggestions would be appreciated. I got a feeling I have to come up with the goods on this anniversary. She likes Cashion's eats and doesn't get excited about steak houses.


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  1. I say make a trip to Baltimore.

    Charleston would be a great choice.

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    1. re: Tugboat

      Would not have a problem with Baltimore or Annanpolis. What is Charleston like?

      1. re: Soup

        if you're seriously considering annapolis, think metropolitan on west street. attentive service, very good food. i've never eaten on the roof, but heard it's very very nice. it's just a short drive to the harbor in annapolis for scenic strolling and italian gelati!

        happy anniversary!

        1. re: Soup

          The menu reads like a really upscale Southern joint.

          They just renovated the space and it looks great.

          I love the wine list (even if you may have to tell them you really want the wine you just ordered even if they don't think it goes with the dish you just ordered. They can be snobby about the wines but there are good deals and the list is expansive)

          And the cheese selection is outstanding.

          Low country with upscale accents.

          Really, really good food.

      2. I was at Cafe MoZU recently. They are very swanky and they have a view of the Tidal Basin. Food is Asian-American, which should be good since you like ethnic eats.

        1. A view, good food and kid kindly -- you may be wishing too big for this burg.

          Start with the list above. Don't know where you're starting from, but if the weather were any good, I recently did the water taxi from Georgetown Harbor to Old Town, and that gave a view, would have entertained kids, and left better choices for eats at either end. Ten bucks each way, about 45 minutes, some narration, but not the usual drivel. Take metro back to your starting point, I mean, if you do that sort of thing.

          1. doesn't need to be kid friendly. We are leaving them with a sitter.

            1. Well, I don't know what kind of view your wife has in mind, but 2941 has big windows with a nice view of a lake and trees, etc. (make sure to request a table where you can see out the window.) You can check their online menu to see if it's the type of food she'd like.

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              1. re: cheesepowder

                A strong second for 2941.

                Sea Catch in Georgetown has a very good menu, and tables on the patio overlooking the canal.