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Aug 31, 2006 04:49 PM

Gastro Pubs in Philly

Meeting a buddy for dinner tonight, love Standard Tap and Monk's, but looking to try something different. I'm leaning toward North 3rd, any other suggestions?

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  1. North 3rd is good, I'd add the Black Door to the list, 2nd and Bainbridge. They make the best fries I've had in the city, and excellent mussels, from what my mussel-loving friends say. I usually get the lamb burger. Personally I don't think the Tap's food is anything special, and while Monk's is pretty good, it's not worth the interminable wait for a table.

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      About two months ago I had a GREAT meal at n. 3rd -- some kind of asian tuna burger, I was really impressed. I keep meaning to go back, because i think they have really stepped up their food in the last year.

    2. Two words - Ten Stone.

      Do not pass go, do not collect $200 - just go to Ten Stone.

      Relaxed vibe, interesting food, nice beer selection.

      21st and South.

      1. glad you asked! i consider myself the resident expert on the matter, having moved into the neighborhood a month ago, into a fixer-upper which STILL boasts no refrigerator. therefore i pick a bar for dinner every night - let's just say i've hit all of them at *least* a few times!

        you are right on with north third. sure, the standard tap has a good beer selection, but the food there can't hold a candle to the food at north third. everything i've had at n3 is not only just good bar food, but flat-out delicious food, period. i can't recommend them enough.

        for dinner, i get the local-grown tomato, feta and basil salad... try it while it's still in season! the spring rolls are great, and the fries are to die for. perfect boardwalk-style. the soups are always spot-on. my company always orders the bee's burger, or something like that, and she loves it. the menu changes daily, but most if not all of these items have been available each of the, oh, fifteen times i've visited in the past month.

        also on a side note for anyone looking for a good brunch: you'll find it here. we order the brioche french toast and the roasted tomato/fresh moz omelette and both are spectacular - as are the mimosas.

        service is friendly and quick during the off-hours. good luck trying to get a table outside if the weather is nice. two weekends ago, one of the eagles starters (somebody jones, sorry, don't know football!) was at the table next to us!

        and no, i'm not affiliated with north third in any way. i just like them a whole lot. i'll probably continue to eat here with approximately the same frequency even after my kitchen is ready for its fridge!!

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          Wow, I guess taste buds work differently for different people. I have enjoyed N. 3rd everytime I've fried squid in the city, IMO. But to say the Standard Tap can't hold a candle to it is beyond me. My last GREAT, soul-lifting meal was at the Tap....soft-shell crabs pan fried naked, served over a mexican-flavored black bean salsa. It was amazing. I've had a few experiences like that at the Tap. N 3rd, while promising, has yet to deliver that for me.

          I've only been there once, but Good Dog in Center City. Pretty good.

          BTW it was probably Dhani Jones sitting next to you, and he stinks. Hey Dhani, if you're reading this, toughen up, learn to shed a block and quit over-pursuing the runner. Until you learn those things, you'll continue to stink!!! And quit the relentless self-promotion. Bowtie Guy. Puh-leese!

        2. Thanks for your replies, here's how the night went:

          We had a beer at Standard Tap (Sly Fox Helles- a very good beer, light and nutty) and the fried squid, a good rendition, heavy on pepper in the crust.

          Then we went to North 3rd for dinner. We started with wings, which were great, I had a burger with cheddar and bacon, and it was tremendous, nice char on the outside, medium inside. Also, as rabidog mentioned, the fries were really good. To me, fries and cole slaw show you a restaurants soul - if they're good, you know the rest will be good.
          My buddy had the roasted pork. It was ok, as were the mashed potatoes, but it also came with what they called sausage stuffing that was more a savory bread pudding, and that was awesome.

          Thanks for the advice, it was exactly what we were looking for, we'll have to try Ten Stone next, but we'll also be back to North 3rd.


          1. I had dinner at North Third this week. It had been a long time since I had eaten there, as the last time I went I ordered the mashed potatoes and I swore they tasted like they were from a box.

            North Third used to be one of my favorite places to eat 4 years ago but after many chefs changed over, I stopped eating there.

            Something's improved. I really enjoyed my tomato soup - rich, flavorful and filling and the north third salad.