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Aug 31, 2006 04:45 PM

HELP-Avenue closed Sunday! Need fine dining in Manhattan Beach.....

I had my heart set on taking my husband to Avenue on Sunday night for his birthday and they informed me that they are closed Sunday evening for the holiday. They must be doing well to close a beach-side restaurant on a three day weekend!!! I know there are few options in that area, so I made reservations at both Cafe Peire and Petro's. Are both good? Is there something new and wonderful that I don't know about? How is the wine list at both places? Looking for nice ambience (romantic), GREAT food and a good wine list. Manhattan/Hermosa area.....

Thank you.

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  1. Cafe Pierre has good food, but it is not terribly romantic - the room is small and the tables are close together. Petros, I've heard, has good food, but I've also heard the room can get a bit noisy.

    Another option is Mangiamo. They have a back room that is romantic and the food is pretty good. Their sister restaurant Thalia's also has good food.

      1. i've eaten at petros thrice and every experience has been rock solid. to avoid the noise, reserve a table on the patio outside, which is very pleasant if it's not too cold.

        1. Used to hear a fair amount about Michi on Manhattan Ave., yet have not heard anything in quite a while. Is it still a decent-good place for dinner? It has been around for about 10 years as I recall.

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            good food, but gets noisy real fast.

          2. Here's an FYI to your SOS.

            How about:

            1) Your own private Cabana
            2) By the roof top pool
            3) With a view of the Ocean (*)
            4) Large Wine List
            5) Interesting Tapas menu
            6) In Manhattan Beach

            Is that something you were looking for?

            For all of the above you might have to be a guest of the hotel? A simple phone call could solve that mystery, and I think they have the usual hotel dining, at:

            The Shade Hotel - opened just 6-8 months (approx.)
            1221 N. Valley Drive
            Manhattan Beach
            (310) 546-4995



            (*) I'm hoping you can see the Ocean from up there.

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              Do hope the food is better than that wine list. Only 1 wine for $60, all others less expensive, except for a few bubblies, and the one at $60 was Provenance that is $20 at Costco all the time, and not worth that.

              1. re: JBC

                I'm not a big fan of the food at Shade. Nice lobby and all... but I don't know that I would call it fine dining. For a romantic (but decidedly not pricey dinner), try the Creperie in Hermosa and BYOB. Wine store on the corner should you forget. The ragout is amazing as are the escargot.