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Awesome Italian and Chinese for Japanese Clients?

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Hi! My Japanese Clients will be in NY for 2 months, staying around 50th and 8th Avenue. Do you know any good Italian and Chinese restaurants around that area that they can go? (possibly a walk-in place)!

Thanks so much!

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  1. I recommend Esca, an Italian restaurant that specializes in seafood at 402 W. 43rd St. (corner of 9th Ave). Some of the seafood is served "crudo" or raw, which may be of interest to your Japanese clients. The food is very good and distinctive, although they may certainly want to try other kinds of Italian food in the city. Fairly expensive - appetizer size plates of raw seafood are about $12, pasta $20 and up, main courses up to about $30. But worth it, and they'll probably need reservations although the restaurant is fairly large.

    1. For Chinese, there's Grand Sichuan on 9th at 50th St. and for a more modern fusion-y rendition, there's Xing on 9th at 52 St. For dressy there's still the ol' reliable Shun Lee up at 65th & Broadway.

      1. That's the Theater District so, if your clients want to go to restaurants without reservations, it's best if they dine after 8 p.m., when the the pre-theater rush is over and places tend to be emptier.

        There are so many Italians to choose from. A few of the better ones:

        ViceVersa - http://www.viceversarestaurant.com
        Roberto Passon - http://www.robertopasson.com
        Cascina - http://www.cascina.com

        Also, Trattoria Trecolori is supposed to re-open in September in their new location on 47th St.


        For excellent Szechuan cuisine, Wu Liang Ye is on 48th St., b/t 5th & 6th Avs.

        1. I agree with the recs for Esca, high end, as well as Roberto Passon, which is a little less expensive.

          1. Thank you so so much!!! I'm sure they will love it.
            Thanks a lot.

            1. Surely they'll also be able to get around if they're here for 2 months, and they'd probably enjoy a live fish place like Ping's in Chinatown.

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                Or Oriental Garden? Both those restaurants have white tablecloths, I believe.

                I don't agree with the recommendation for Shun Lee West (or for that matter, Shun Lee Palace). I gave up on those places years ago after having some meals that were tasteless or worse, over-the-top rude service, and excessive prices. If they like spicy food, I think Grand Sichuan would be good. Otherwise, they're best off going downtown for Cantonese food, and I'd suggest Congee Village, except that if they're in the main dining room, it can be loud, and you'd probably need around 10 people for a private room. Also, you'd want reservations for Congee Village. Great NY Noodletown is a very good restaurant but might be too informal for your clients.

              2. I agree with oriental garden as my top choice. Peking duck house and Pings are another option.