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St. Martins Wine Bistro Dallas

Betty Aug 31, 2006 03:56 PM

This is where I'm currently thinking of making reservations for Thanksgiving. I found a couple of articles online about how they are open on Thanksgiving.

Any opinions on this place?

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  1. Scagnetti RE: Betty Sep 1, 2006 06:03 PM

    We ate there about 4 months ago and really enjoyed it. I cannot recall what we had but the food was good and the service was excellent. The room is a throwback to the bohemian days of Lower Greenville.

    My one caution would be eating in any restaurant on Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, etc. What you get and how you get it on those days can be dramatically different than what you experience on a regular day.

    1. Betty RE: Betty Sep 2, 2006 06:25 PM

      Just what I was hoping to hear, thanks. St. Martins has a set meal on Thanksgiving, according to the article I read. It is either that or takeout in our hotel, which might be rather grim. I'm hoping for a simple festive good memory here.

      We experienced a kind of disappointing limited-menu Valentine meal this year at our favorite real-cowboy steakhouse, so at least this time we won't have our "usual" in mind.

      Thanks for your reply.

      1. m
        Mike C. Miller RE: Betty Sep 3, 2006 10:24 PM

        We ate there probably three months ago. It's still reasonably good. Food is well prepared, if not terribly innovative. Wine list is adequate, decent even for the type of place that it is, and fairly priced. Service is friendly and competent. A nice relaxing place to have a decent dinner. You won't go away raving about the food or the service, but you won't go away disappointed either. Really a nice place if you want the focus to be on conversation and each other or conversation rather than the culinary experience.

        1. s
          ScottAR RE: Betty Sep 7, 2006 04:20 PM

          Very dark, romantic and quaint. Try the Champagne Brie soup, its to die for.

          1. c
            CajunStorm RE: Betty Sep 19, 2006 07:26 PM

            Hi Betty - I ate at St Martin's for lunch on Thanksgiving Day 2 years ago and it was fantastic. Their special turkey entree (only available that day) is well worth it.

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