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Aug 31, 2006 03:51 PM

Dining near the Botanical Garden

We will be in Montreal and plan to attend the Lantern Festival. The gardens close @ 9 pm. Where in that immediate area would be great for dinner?

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  1. The neighbourhood's not what you'd call a gourmet hotbed.

    The recently opened M sur Masson is fairly close and has been getting good word of mouth.
    Hour did a review last week:
    And the Gazette review was even more positive.

    Also in the East End, albeit not exactly within easy walking distance (convenient by bus, metro, car or taxi), is everybody's favourite bisto, Au Petit Extra.

    1. I woudl actually recommend Bistro Le RĂ©pertoire ( which is the new offspring of Christophe Geffrey from Christophe. It's located on Bellechasse between Viau and L'Assomption about 5m ins drive from the Gardens.

      1. The only place I've been in that neighbourhood is Cabotins on Ste-Catherine East.

        It's not the best bistro in town, but the food is honest and well priced, the eclectic decor is quite entertaining and the chefs seem to really love what they do.

        (514) 251-8817

        1. There's another one on Masson street where you can bring your wine which is called Zeste de folie. The food is really good. It was called la potion magique before but they changed for BYOW and changed their name. The quality of their food is way above average.